The United Kingdom’s Fakenham, Norfolk

Located in the United Kingdom, Fakenham is a little marketing town in Norfolk. This small marketing town is centered between Norwich and Kings Lynn. Voted by the Country Life   Magazine , the town of Fakenham, was recently voted the 7th best place to live in the United Kingdom. Fakenham also boasts a popular Farmers Market, which takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month.

There are three supermarkets to choose from in Fakenham, two on the northeast side of town and the newest store in the Market Square, in Oak Street. Excellent foods and wonderful treats can be found at all locations.

Fakenham is said to be the Northern Gateway to the coast. Fakenham is well positioned as a great stepping point to discover the surrounding areas from. There is plenty to do in this small town for visitors to discover.

The small town has a vast amount of Pubs available to enjoy great food and wonderful drinks. If a visitor is so inclined they can also travel to nearby towns too. Garden houses and Bistrols align the narrow streets and when the outdoors is pleasant the local crowds spill out into the streets with song and dance. Live music fills the streets on the weekends.

Outside of town square of Fakenham is an old gasworks factory, which used to produced and sell gas made from coal during the early and late 1800s. The gasworks is the only surviving works that is intact in England and Wales. There is a museum showing the history of gasworks companies throughout the entire country.

Fakenham a fantastic place to view the countryside and excellent place for bird watching. Fakenham, Norfolk, built a racecourse in 2000 called the Prince Of Wales. This popular racecourse was the site of actual meetings held in the early 1900s. The racecourse has plenty of action occurring all year long.

Source by Simon Haughtone