Pinellas Trail – A Great Place to Exercise

The Pinellas Trail is an exciting addition to Pinellas County Florida. This trail extends over 34 miles throughout the county and gives residents a place to walk, bike, jog or stroll on a safe pathway. Over 90,000 people a month use this trail that was first opened in 1990. It has become a great place for families to stay active and encourage their children to exercise with them. You can often see families riding bikes, rollerblading or even taking a walk after dinner. What a great way to stay connected with your family and make that one on one time that often gets lost in the shuffle of daily life.

There is a Pinellas Trail organization that oversees that the trail remains a safe, clean and enjoyable place for residents. They have also positioned beverage stations periodically along the trail to provide a place for people to stop and get refreshments if needed.

And don’t forget your four legged friends. Pets are allowed on the trail on a leash and it is a great way to help your animals stay active. Many people have found it difficult to get the exercise they need in traditional neighborhoods or along busy roadways. The Pinellas Trail offers that safe place to enjoy the Florida sun that we all moved to this area for. So get out and enjoy this part of your town!

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Easy Cardiovascular Exercise That Helps To Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain

Cardiovascular exercise can help to improve muscle endurance, which will prevent pregnancy back pain that is a common problem that occurs to most pregnant mothers. Other benefits of cardiovascular exercise also include decreasing risk of heart attack, reducing level of blood pressure and increasing the energy level. During pregnancy, women should exercise at a mild to moderate level and not to the point of exhaustion.

Specifically, they should perform 20-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 3-5 days a week.

One good form of pregnancy exercise is walking which is suitable for working the leg muscles with minimal impact and strain to the joints. Walking outdoors can be more interesting if you vary the routes and include small inclines some days to challenge yourself. Consider walking with a partner or friend to make the workout more fun and time will pass quickly. Avoid reading books or magazines on any gym fitness equipment as it tends to force you into poor posture, and increases the risk of losing your balance.

Riding a bicycle is another great exercise that can help to prevent pregnancy back pain since it improves total body endurance. During pregnancy, it is safer to use a stationary bicycle to avoid the risk of abdominal trauma due to falls on a regular bicycle. Early in pregnancy, some women find the recumbent bicycle to be more comfortable because it has a backrest to support the spine. In this way, the spine is well protected and reduces the likelihood of pregnancy back pain.

In addition, swimming is another excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that has been very effective against pregnancy back pain. This is because water activities are relaxing and decrease the force of gravity acting on the spine, which can significantly improve back pain. If you are not a good swimmer with a back pain problem, you can always use alternatives such as walking in waist deep water or kicking while holding onto a float.

Some fitness centers and hospitals offer pre-natal group exercise classes, which generally incorporate a combination of low impact aerobics, strengthening and stretching exercises designed specifically to prevent pregnancy back pain.

If you wish to understand more about the effective ways to prevent pregnancy back pain or easy back pain relief methods, you can visit this informative site: Pregnancy Back Pain

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How to Buy Government Foreclosed Properties and Find Unexpected Bargains

Government foreclosed properties for sale are available to the general public. If you are looking for a bargain, buying a government foreclosure could be a very interesting alternative to the regular house market.

Perhaps you dream of owning your own home but do not have enough money saved. In this case, government foreclosed properties could be a profitable operation provided you handle it with extreme care.

Where do government foreclosures come from?

Government foreclosed properties exist because homeowners stopped repaying their mortgage or paying taxes and the house was foreclosed upon. As a result, the lender or some government entity claimed and repossessed the foreclosed property and put it up for sale.

Government foreclosed properties sell for amounts that are well below the market price and are therefore very sought-after.

How to go about finding government foreclosure homes

There are different places where you can search for government foreclosed properties. Local real estate magazines and newsletters of the conventional sort continue to be a great source for finding foreclosures.

However, you do not need to limit yourself to traditional resources. The Internet can be a treasure trove of government foreclosed properties provided you can keep focused and organized. There are so many foreclosure listings online that you can easily get lost.

Generally, local real estate agents are a very good source for different types of foreclosure listings too.

Something you should never do is rushing to buy a government foreclosure because you think it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is a recipe for disaster.

If you have no experience in buying foreclosures, do not purchase any property until you have comprehensive information about the state of the property and you have pondered it carefully. Engaging a real estate agent or a professional that guides you in this transaction is your best insurance.

Visiting the government foreclosed homes

Foreclosure laws vary from state to state, also regarding what you can do before actually buying the government foreclosed properties. As a general rule, though, you will have to inspect the house you are after and hire specialists that alert you about structural building issues, if any.

Unresolved liens on the property or other legal problems are also something that you need to take into account.

If it is the first time you are buying a house and you do not seek professional advice, you do not know what you can get into. You will find that some government foreclosures are in a reasonably good condition while others are rather run down.

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Benefits Of Exercising Equipment

In this fast moving world, we are certainly being burdened under the pressure of work, difficulties at the workplace and life too. This burden is surely affecting the health of the individuals to a much greater extent as never expected before.

Humans have always in constant search of techniques which will help them to be fit, healthy and more and more strong to all the difficulties faced. To be healthy and fit, we today prefer to go to gyms and certain related places which allow us to spend time on our body and make it more fit.

But problem arises when one could not get enough time to go to a gym for daily exercise, the condition of that person’s health tend to decrease at a much faster rate. One needs to spend a certain amount of time on this problem as it could greatly hamper his physical, mental and overall growth too.

Fitness Equipments

Fitness equipment refers to the various equipments being used by an individual to be physically fit. These may include all types of gadgets available in the market, which keep a track of the personal fitness of the person at any given day and time.

Be it Fit-Bit, any type of wearable gear this technology used in making equipment related to this field has made a huge impact as one could easily know the number of steps walked, calories burned, heart rate, pulse rate and many more with just a click.

Easily available in the market at a lower price they help keep a true check on personal fitness, helping them be popular with the masses today.

Gym Equipment

Gym freaks are the individuals who tend to keep a constant check on their fitness and spend much more time for their body. They keep a regular visit to the gyms in addition, they keep the equipment related to workout at their place of living to keep in a constant touch with their schedule of exercise.

Their exercise equipments include a wide range of sets of machines for their regular use at home saving much more time. Dumbbells, weights and many other machines have a great inclusion in the list as they tend to be the most common of the workout equipment.

They help the transformation of a person’s house to the level of a professional gym. These gym equipments are easily available at shops and even on the internet at various rates, providing a whole new range of opportunities for the individuals to be of benefit with their purchase.

One need to be in full knowledge of their use in homes otherwise it may prove dangerous, even for the lives of the users. While being at the positive end, these help people to a great extent with their uses helping save their time, low cost, ease of use and easy installation.

All in all, these equipments have fully changed the concept of fitness for each and every individual and his daily routine.

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Use the "Global Elite’s" Own Strategies to Free Yourself From Their Control

From the day you are old enough to begin speaking, perhaps before, you begin being conditioned to believe what they want you to believe. Most of what we are taught to believe via our public school system and the mainstream media is never the whole story. Always, crucial information has been omitted, and in fact actual untruths are taught as fact. This raises some questions. Why is information being omitted? Why are we being instructed in one direction when the exact opposite might be far more beneficial to us? Who benefits from you and I believing things about history, banking, our financial system, and world politics that are just not true? Most if not all of you already know this information. Many of you probably know more about it than I do. When I began learning this though I wanted to figure out how to at least find a way to escape their grip to some extent. So instead of just continuing to educate myself about how deep the conspiracy went I began to study and research possible solutions.

Until these persons are brought down, I would still like to be able to foil their designs as far as my own personal life is concerned, and the lives of those I care about if possible. But in addition to this I want to be a factor in helping others to free themselves from these extremely evil but very intelligent and powerful persons. That education takes many forms. If you are a person trying to fight them directly, or perhaps you are trying to do some good for society in another way, wouldn’t you agree that if money was not a concern for you, if you didn’t have to work 40 or more hours a week, you could be far more effective in what you are trying to accomplish? Of course. So the first part of what I began to research was methods to free myself financially.

This meant getting financially educated. And I am sorry, but no school in this country offers any real financial education. There are no Wealth Creation 101 classes, International Banking and Investment 101 classes, etc… because the very persons controlling the curriculum of every public school, private school, college or university in America are these same “Elite” and if you were to become truly financially educated then you would go from being one of the herd to one of the ranchers, and the ranchers do not want their cows disappearing and turning into other ranchers! Simple analogy I know but it’s absolutely true. So, my point is, whether we like it or not, once you are aware of the ways in which they are keeping you under their thumb, milking you of the majority of your lifetime earning power, the next step in getting out from under their yoke is to get yourself truly financially educated. Catherine Austin Fitts calls it, “Voting with your money.” Their power is their money. The money they take from you. The money they have control of when you keep it in a regular bank, especially the big banks. Taking that away from them is the most effective attack a person can make.

Getting financially educated means learning how to remove your money from their system. Privatize your banking. This means learning how to utilize international private banking. This means learning about Asset Protection. This means learning how to literally drop out of the IRS’s computers (100% of income tax goes offshore to these bankers to pay the interest on the national debt – interest on money created out of nothing – interest on nothing!).

But how are you supposed to learn all of this? This information/education does not grow on trees. It is in fact pretty tough to find. Again, that is by design. These Global Elite have worked tirelessly for over a century, probably longer, to make sure that it is very difficult for you to learn what they know, and to have your mind so conditioned that even if you were to come across the information you would be unlikely to believe it. Are you willing to accept their control?

This also means learning how to rid yourself of the need for the drugs produced by their Pharmaceutical Companies. These companies are as powerful or more powerful, and evil, as the worlds Arms Dealers. There are currently cures for cancer, AIDS, and virtually every other illness and/or supposed terminal disease in existence. But the Pharmaceutical Cartel, which includes the American Medical Association (AMA) and the FDA, work tirelessly to keep them suppressed. They have assassinated people, burnt down labs, stolen research, polluted our food and water, all to keep us sick, keep us buying the drugs to suppress our symptoms rather then finding out how to make ourselves well. Not only this but they create and greatly publicize ridiculous fake diseases like the Bird Flu, (give me a break!) to sell billions of dollars in dangerous unnecessary vaccines, that once again make you sick in some other way ( like mercury poisoning) so you will have to buy other drugs from them. I personally own a device that when tested on 16 terminal cancer patients, cured 100% of them. But you will never see it on NBC news or CNN or read about it in a medical journal or national health magazine. Again, in addition to making yourself healthy, you are taking more money away these guys. Hurting them where it hurts most.

And finally, you have to become educated in the law. The law is highly intimidating to most persons and usually inspires significant fear. Once again, this is not by chance. This is by design. If you become educated as to what your rights really are and you learn how to enforce and exercise those rights, you are once again a threat to them. You might not just immediately let that IRS auditor into your house and provide him with evidence against you, breaking your right not to incriminate yourself. You might actually ask him if he has a warrant. There are some basic principles of law, not complicated, that once you learn can make you somebody’s worst nightmare in a court of law. “Know the law and be well disposed to use it.” … Thomas Jefferson

In conclusion, if you really want to learn how to regain the personal privacy and freedom, the rights that were supposed to be guaranteed you in the constitution, you must become financially educated and legally educated. You must also educate yourself on how to truly stay healthy. I have an information package I would be happy to send anyone interested. It includes three articles, 2 DVDs and 2 audio CDs. Just email your mailing address to [email protected] and I will drop one in the mail for you. There will be information in that package on an organization I am involved with whose entire purpose is to provide all of the aforementioned education, as well as the tools and professionals to help you achieve all three of those educational goals. But even if after receiving the info pack and going through it, you should choose to pursue this information on your own and from other sources, I say wonderful. If you don’t get this education through us I urge you, please get it from someone. Just get it. I will have achieved my purpose in sending you the information. I will have been a factor in freeing another person and taking some more money out of the “Global Elite’s” pockets.

This article was written by R. Wayne Wood. Full reprint rights are extended to anyone who might wish to publish this article. Please include this paragraph with Wayne’s contact info: R. Wayne Wood – (541) 677-9055 – [email protected]

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Make Money Online – 7 Strategies to Help You Make Money Online and Work From Home

On January 1, 2010 A Google search for “Make Money Online” showed a whopping 11 million results! There are so many confusing options that it is hard to decide which option to choose. What is more, “Make Money Online” is synonymous with scams. The Internet is full of Get Rich Quick Scams and Make Money Online Scams.

In fact it is very difficult to find legitimate ways to work from home and make money online. However, if it was really impossible to make money online then popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google, etc. would not be making millions of dollars on the internet. Are they not “Making Money Online?” Is it necessary to be a geek if you got to make money online? What exactly does it take to become a successful Internet entrepreneur even if you are not a software engineer?

Throughout the ages we have seen how the poor wish that they had more money to enjoy their lives, and how the rich wish that they had more time and better health to enjoy their lives. Some people genuinely need more money. Some people desire to work from home and spend more time with their family. Some people, whether they desire more money or not, are so caught up in making a living that they forget how to live. Whatever it is, the truth is that most of us often wish to have more money and more free time. What would make it possible to get the best of both the worlds? Anyone who wants to have lots of money, lots of free time, lots of fun, better health, more happiness, more freedom, more success, and more control over their lives should pause and reflect, “Is it really possible to have all of them together or is that a pipe dream”? Contrary to what some ancient philosophers might have said, in this new age of the Internet it is indeed possible to live this dream and you will soon discover how easy it is to make your dreams come true!

Have you ever thought what you will do when you have lots of money and lots of free time at your disposal? Have you ever visualized a new, exciting lifestyle which gives you the freedom to live the life that you love and do all that you have ever wanted to do – be your own boss, live life on your own terms, travel around the world, buy a luxurious car, finance your college education, step into your own house, spend more quality time with your family and friends, take care of a loved one, take your family on a holiday, pursue your hobbies, devote yourself to a cause, or buy that expensive gift for someone special? What will you do when you have an abundance of money, time, freedom, and control over your life?

Hard work pays, but sometimes people who work too hard often have a hard time enjoying their health, life, and money. The equation for real freedom is: –

Lots of Money + Lots of Free Time = Lots of Fun!

A mobile lifestyle that uses technology to put your income on autopilot is indeed the new world dream! More and more people are getting bored of bureaucracy, red tape, dirty office politics, and the typical 9 to 5 rat race. These are the fetters that bind the feet of creative, adventurous souls who want to live life to its fullest.

A “mobile lifestyle” is a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to work from wherever you wish, and whenever you wish. It allows you to make big money and still have lots of fun and lots of free time. Even millionaires covet this lifestyle, because often millionaires don’t have the time to enjoy their riches.

Even if you are hard pressed for time, take one small step in the right direction at a time, and you will finally find that you have taken that giant leap of coming out of the rut sooner than you think. You will soon find yourself enjoying a new, exciting lifestyle.

Thanks to the modern Internet age and the ease of global trade, it is possible for anyone to reach millions of people worldwide and grow rich without any soul-crushing, back-breaking hard work. To earn while you sleep or while you spend quality time with your family and friends is no longer pulp-fiction but reality! Working long hours stuck in a stuffy office is a thing of the past. Today whether you are relaxing on the world’s most beautiful beach or sailing to your dream destination in a cruise ship, the Internet allows you to reach out to millions of people worldwide and to run your business from anywhere. And as you already know, computers continue to work for you while you are partying, sleeping, or dreaming!! Have you ever imagined what it would be like to earn millions while you are on a vacation with your family and friends, enjoying your life?

Here Are The Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online, working from home or from anywhere you want: –

1.) Earn Money by Selling / Promoting Other People’s Products or Services (Join Affiliate Programs):

Affiliate Programs are also known as “Associate Programs”, “Referral Programs”, “Partner Programs”, etc. An affiliate program is a business model in which a business rewards you for each visitor or customer that you send to their business website. You sign up for free with a merchant to advertise their products or services on your blog or website, and then you get paid a commission (upto 75% of the sale value!) based on the sales that you generate. A cool way to automate your income is to join a recurring affiliate program. High earning potential and highly recommended.

2.) Make Money by Becoming a Professional Blogger:

If you are passionate about writing, you can earn money by becoming a professional blogger. If you have good writing skills and if you are very passionate about a niche topic then you can write blogs and make tens of thousands of dollars per month by sharing your knowledge and helping millions of people who read your blogs to choose the right products and services. However, your success as a professional blogger not only depends on your writing skills and sincerity but also on your marketing skills.

3.) Earn Money by Monetizing Your Blog or Website:

Blog monetization or website monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a particular blog or website into revenue. You do that by displaying advertisements and/or banners on your site. Every time someone clicks an advertisement on your site you get paid an amount ranging from a few cents to several dollars, based upon a number of factors. These advertisements are called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. To display PPC advertisements and banners on your blog or website you need to create free accounts with AdSense (or other similar sites such as Obeus, Bidvertiser, AdBrite, Chitika, Kontera, AdHitz, etc.) and then copy and paste the HTML code which they will provide you for your site. This is a neat way to autopilot your income. Another way to monetize your blogs and website is to join free affiliate programs and display affiliate advertisements. In fact, you will make much more money with affiliate programs than with PPC advertisements.

4.) Earn Money by Selling Photographs and Drawings Online:

Here is the coolest way to have fun and get paid for it – travel around the world (or just around your own neighborhood), take good quality photographs, upload them to sites such as ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, etc. for free and get paid each and every time someone downloads a copy of any of your photographs! These photographs should have some commercial value. Remember, these graphics are purchased by professional web designers, screen saver developers, magazine editors, and other people who will use them for commercial purposes. If you are good at drawing, you can get paid to draw by scanning your drawings and selling them in the same way as you sell photographs. For the free spirited, artistic soul this is the perfect, fun way of making money online.

5.) Earn Money by Selling Items on eBay and Other Similar Sites:

Many people earn hundreds, even millions of dollars by selling things on eBay, CQout, eBid, Amazon, and other eCommerce sites. You can sell almost everything that is legal – electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, antiques, real estate, etc. This is a perfect work from home job and you save a lot of money because by working from home you don’t have to pay any shop rent and other shop or store related expenses such as the electricity and maintenance bills. Apart from that you are selling to millions of potential customers worldwide, and you have the freedom to work whenever you want. You are your own boss. You can exponentially increase your revenues by simultaneously selling on eBay and other competing sites (e.g. CQout, which is popular in Europe, especially in the UK). Some

sites even allow you to list your products for free.

6.) Earn Money by Selling Your Own Product:

If the idea of inventing a new product and making a fortune by selling it scares you, think again! A product can be something as simple as an eBook, or a T-shirt designed by you. Whether it is a simple, 10 page report in the form of a.pdf eBook or a sophisticated software product, you can be assured of making a fortune by selling a good product. If you have conceptualized a product but don’t know how to develop it, you can hire experts/engineers to do it for you from,, etc. If you have already created a great downloadable informational product, then sit back and relax – all you have to do is to list it on ClickBank and thousands of affiliates will promote it for you for a commission. You will sell thousands of copies of your informational product without any efforts from you!

Income Automated? Having others sell your products for a commission is the best way to put your income on autopilot. This is what I mean by “earn while you sleep”. [However, if you lose your sleep and wake every few hours to check your increasing account balance, don’t blame me;) ] If your products are concrete, tangible objects then you can sell them on the eCommerce sites described above. If your product is a downloadable eBook, software, video, or some other informational product you might also try out and in addition to

7.) Make Real Big Money Online – The Geek Way to Make Money Online:

This is the ultimate! If you are a techie, then to make real big money, and we mean “REAL B-I-G MONEY” you need to create and own a membership website and make it extremely popular and commercially successful like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Sounds difficult? Believe me, it isn’t!!

According to, Markus Frind, a programmer learning ASP.NET, single handedly created a free dating website while he was still learning ASP.NET. He works just one hour a day but makes a whopping $10,000,000 USD per year (2008 estimates) from Ads that appear within user profiles!!!

How did he do it? He kept things simple and operational costs low! And while other dating websites were charging a subscription fee to users, Markus provided the full functionality of his website to users for FREE! When I created a Plentyoffish account I was surprised to see its simple user interface, low quality of images, and a non-existent customer service. The point that I want to make is that inspite of these drawbacks, the website manages to make 10 million dollars per year for its singleton owner!

The “Geek Way” is for Techies/Computer Geeks/Software Engineers, but then it is very easy for techies and maybe for you too! If you are a software engineer or a computer science student, you should give this a serious thought. If you are not a technical person but have a great idea, hire engineers and technical experts to make exactly what you tell them. You can hire them from several places such as,, etc.

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Importance of Tech News

We are living in a technology driven society. In this society, we should keep us updated with the latest technological inventions. We must try our best to get the latest tools, gadgets and software to execute multiple tasks with our least possible efforts. To make us aware of these tools, gadgets and software, many dedicated news portals, blogs, websites, magazine, tabloids, journals, and newspapers have appeared to the scene. They take important roles in the dissemination of latest information about technology.

There are a significant number of websites and blogs offering us latest tech news. We get to know about the latest gadgets, software and apps along with the right platforms to run them. Now we can travel faster and reach our desired destinations within a very short span of time. Doctors can get information about the latest machines and tools. They can use these to cure their patients. Alongside, they can give end-to-end solutions to some diseases that were incurable for last few decades. Besides, they let us know about the newly invented computer languages, new application software and latest database management systems. With the aid of these, businesses can execute a number of business activities that help them in better business management. They can perform well in their core competencies and create steady bottom lines for their companies.

Based on their information, we take some important decisions to make our life more comfortable and hospitable. We get to know about the probable risks and recent malware attacks that can help us in happy and safe internet browsing.

Significant benefits of tech news

Help us grow well

Tech news makes us aware of the latest inventions and technological advancements. We use them in our personal lives and business purposes. Many news items help us make our life more comfortable- as we start using these technologies in our own purposes. Sometimes, dedicated tech media bring out news on business management software and database management system. These help businesses perform well in their core competencies. As the consequence of these, they can grow well to become a globally recognized company or business entity.

Help us stay safe and happy

As these media include updated information about hacking, malicious attacks and dangerous “call to action points”, we become aware of these. It helps us in safe browsing and secured transaction.

Save money and time

As we are informed about the latest technological trends, we can make some changes in our operation and production process. Using latest tools and methodologies, we can cut down our production costs and execute a number of activities quickly and easily. This helps us save our time and money.

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Fantastic Race Horses of the United States

Foaled on April 18th, 1990 is retired race horse Cigar. Although he was bred to more than 30 mares, none of them conceived; thus, Cigar was found to be an infertile stallion. He is a favorite among some racing fans, and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement at the Kentucky Horse Park. He had a decent racing career with 19 wins, 4 second place finishes and 5 third place finishes from 33 starts. He was the highest earning American horse with USD 9,999,813 until 2008. As a result of his racing career, Cigar earned awards including U.S. Outstanding Older Male Horse in 1995 and 1996 and U.S. Horse of the Year again in 1995 and 1996. He was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 2002, and he is #18 in the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century by Blood-Horse magazine. From North to South on the East Coast, his racing career is honored at race courses. In New York, Aqueduct Racetrack has the Cigar Mile Handicap; while, in Florida, there is a life-size statue of Cigar at Gulfstream Park.

Funny Cide was sired by Distorted Humor and out of dam Belle’s Good Cide. He was foaled on April 20th, 2000. He may be best known for his wins in the 2003Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The hopes for a Triple Crown winner were deflated when he came in 3rd on an extremely muddy track in the Belmont Stakes due to non-stop rain the entire previous day. His racing career has seen awards and honors including Funny Cide Street in Napa, California, the song Funny Cide both written and performed by Blue Hand Luke and the Funny Cide Stakes at Saratoga Race Course.

Another beloved race horse is Smarty Jones. He was foaled on February 28th, 2001 and was sired by Elusive Quality and out of dam I’ll Get Along. His wins in the 2004 Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes made him yet another Triple Crown hopeful. Yet again, horse racing fans were left in the lurch when he did not win the Belmont Stakes. Although he has retired from racing in early August 2004, his racing career earned him U.S. Champion Three-Year-Old Colt in 2004 as well as saw him honored with two separate Smarty Jones Stakes at Oaklawn Park and at Parx Racing and Casino.

Most racing fans are also fans of Barbaro. Although he was a favorite in the Preakness Stakes, he suffered a fracture of three bones in his right hind leg ending his racing career forever. Even after immediate surgery, this famous race horse developed laminitis in his left hind leg in July then in both his front legs; thus, his doctors and owners knew he could not be saved so he was euthanized on January 29th, 2007. With an almost perfect racing record, Barbaro had 6 wins from 7 starts including the Preakness Stakes when he could not finish the race. He is honored with the Barbaro Stakes at Pimlico Race Course (home of the Preakness Stakes) and Delaware Park along with a statue commemorating Barbaro at the entrance to Churchill Downs. Horse racing fans of all generations were deeply saddened by the death of Barbaro.

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A Review Of The Landice L7 Treadmill

The L7 Series Treadmill is its most popular home treadmill. It comes in three models; the Pro Sports Trainer, Cardio Trainer and Executive Trainer. When you review each of the Landice L7 Series treadmills there is one model that is clearly the best buy out of the three.

Landice makes the L7, L8 and L9 Series of treadmills. Although the L7 is the cheapest it’s still an expensive piece of exercise equipment. The 3 home edition models of the L7 Series range from $3,600 to $4,700.

All of the units use the same motor, frame, treadbelt and so on, with the only real difference being in the treadmill’s console. You get the same ultra solid steel frame that supports a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. The motor is probably the best in the industry; an American made beast that is 3 hp continuous duty. The steel rollers are 14-pounds and are 2-1/2″ in diameter. You get a 4-ply treadbelt that is 20″ x 58″ with 15% electric grade elevation. You also get a speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph even when carrying the maximum weight of 400 lbs.

But which of these models represent value for money?

The Landice L7 Series Cardio Trainer Treadmill

The selling point of the Cardio Trainer is that it comes with a contact heart rate crossbar and transmitter strap, which is used in conjunction with any of the 4 Heart Rate Control (HRC) programs provided. The first two standard heart rate control programs maximize workout time by instructing the treadmill to automatically change speed and inclination in order to maintain the targeted heart rate for the duration of the program. There are also two user HRC programs that allow you to create separate custom HRC programs. Each HRC program is broken down into 20 programmable segments for more variety in your heart rate controlled workouts.

While monitoring your rate in conjunction with a treadmills speed might be nice for some, the price of the Cardio Trainer is $400 more than the ProSports Trainer. You have to ask whether the extra 400 bucks is worth it. Probably not, and besides, other treadmills that offer this system, like the Smooth 9.25 treadmill, are cheaper and offer better value for money.

The Landice L7 Series Executive Trainer Treadmill

The control panel of the Executive Trainer is quite awesome. You get numerous alternative displays. You can select the Virtual Situation Indicator (VSI), the Road Display, the Training Calendar, the Track Display and – well, the list goes on. The Executive Trainer is the most expensive of the 3 models, so you’ll be paying around $4,700, which is more than $1,100 more than the ProSport model.

But you have to seriously ask if getting a very fancy console is worth the extra money. Quite frankly, you’re paying a lot of money for what amounts to ‘execute toys’.

The Landice L7 Series ProSport Trainer Treadmill

All this brings us to the cheapest model. You don’t get the fancy cardio-system or the fancy console but what you do get is a great piece of kit that can satisfy the most demanding of athletes. This model is the best in the range and is good value for money. Very few other brands of treadmills can match it in terms of build quality, performance and price. If you’re going to buy a L7 this is the one to go for.

The L7 is an excellent machine with very few equals in the industry. Many reviews of the Landice L7 treadmill, on the web and in trade magazines, back this up. By all means buy the model which suits you best, but of the three, the ProSport 7 Series treadmill epitomizes what makes a great treadmill.

Source by Robin Cassidy

5 Tips and Tricks To Help Improve Your Dog’s Appetite

Most dogs wag their tails wildly and rush to their feeding bowls when it’s mealtime. If you don’t get this reaction from your pet and he simply sniffs his food, ignores it or only eats a little then it might be a matter of concern. There are plenty of reasons why dogs lose their appetite. It could be as simple as a toothache or it could be because of pickiness or behavioral issues. Whatever the cause is, it is important to make sure that your pet eats and gets enough nutrients to avoid further problems.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help improve your dog’s appetite:

Schedule a visit to the vet

Whether your dog’s lack of appetite has just started or has been going on for a while now, your safest bet is to consult an expert. Your veterinarian can help you figure out the cause of the problem which will help you find a solution easier. He can easily identify any physical reasons that may be causing your pet’s disinterest in food. Have your furry friend weighed so that you’ll have an idea what healthy weight to aim for.

Switch brands of dog food

One reason why dogs lose appetite is because their current food doesn’t appeal to them anymore. Try switching to another brand of high quality dog food. Do it gradually to prevent stomach upset. Observe if your pet’s appetite improves after the switch. But don’t switch brands too much – dogs generally eat better when they’re familiar with the food and their diet doesn’t require too much variety according to the Pet Palace website.

Give less treats

Even dogs with little appetite love their treats! Refrain from giving treats to your pup in between meals – he’s likely to learn that even if he doesn’t finish the food on his bowl, he will still get attention from you and get rewarded. Offer the treats when his eating has improved.


A dog exposed to regular physical activity is more likely to get hungry and eat. Exercise will help stimulate your pet’s appetite. Try making it a habit to have your daily walk right before mealtime so that he can associate them with each other and see them as positive activities.

Lessen the distractions

Dogs get easily distracted that’s why it’s important to make sure that your canine’s eating spot is quiet and has minimal distractions so that he can concentrate on eating and finishing his food.

Follow these tips and tricks to help improve your dog’s appetite and make sure that he’s healthier and happier than ever!

Source by Mary L. James