Owning a Westie

West Highland White Terriers or “Westies”, as they are called are great dogs. They are known for their white coat and dark piercing eyes. The average Westie is around 15-20 lbs. at full maturity, and stand at an average height of around 11 inches. They are sturdy dogs and have a strong bone structure for their small size.

If you get one, you will enjoy their spirited personality. They do require constant care however. Their coat will need consistent grooming or it will wind up matted. They are also prone to some health issues. Though not severe, these usually include dry skin and allergies. You want to make sure that you don’t bathe them more than once a month otherwise you can aggravate their skin. Make sure that you use a healthy oatmeal or similar based shampoo without tons of added chemicals. You will also want to make sure that their ears stay clean to avoid infection.

Westies are direct descendants of Cairn Terriers and Scottish Terriers. They have an average lifespan of around 12-14 years. With a healthy diet, supplementation, plenty of rest and exercise, it is possible to live even longer. Many people love to pamper their Westie. Due to their small size they are perfect candidates for all sorts of great dog gifts. There are many different manufacturers that make dog clothes, fancy dog beds, jewelry and other accessories for small dogs.

If you decide to get a Westie, then you will have made a good choice. They are strong sturdy dogs, and don’t have many health problems. They are fun and playful and they make great companions. They will undoubtedly give you many years of joy. Just make sure that you get one from a reputable breeder and avoid puppy mills. That way you will know that they have been properly cared for.

Source by Galen Seidler