Mean Writers

Mean writers are those who are able to craft their words in such a way as to draw mental blood. Their written words seem to be laced with corrosive acid, destroying the heart and hopes of their unfortunate readers. I almost feel they have cross over into a dark wicked place and made a deal with the devil. One must be on guard; your very soul may be at stake.

The first thing we must develop is an ability to recognize the mean writers. Once you recognize any type of correspondence that seems to cross the line into the valley of the mean writer, you must immediately protect yourself. The ability to recognize this kind of writer is actually the ability to see the spirit of the message. With practice we will develop the ability to quick recognize the snake.

Once you recognize a mean writer, the next immediate step is to become objective. You must do this to protect yourself. By looking the writing objectively you will keep yourself from being drawn into the web. If are objective in these situations, we will be able to keep our hearts and minds safe from damage. I believe the intent of some of the mean writers is to destroy as many people as they can.

I truly believe that some of these mean writers have cross over into another place. Perhaps they have made a deal with something or someone for the gained ability to destroy men’s souls through the written word. I believe that all is not as it appears. I will leave that there.

It is best to avoid reading mean writers, if you can. If you have to read their correspondence, handle them at arms length. When you perceive a veiled devious message, remember your protection tools and move your heart, mind and soul way back. There are some truly mean people in this big world of ours.

Love Never Fails, Take Care.

Source by Daniel Belcher