Dog Fence Locks

There are a number of dog fence locks on the market which are suitable for ensuring the safety and well being of your pet. It is great for a dog to have the freedom to roam around in a safe environment and if you are lucky enough to have a large garden surrounding your house it is a perfect solution. You will be able to give him the freedom of an open space whilst at the same time knowing that he cannot go missing. Also it is good to be confident that no other local dogs can encroach on your land.

The design of dog fence that you choose will be dependent on a number of factors. You may already have a secure boundary to your property. If not you will have to take a look at the variety of fences available. If you are taking about a particularly large boundary area then you may use a combination of styles of fence. The dog fence locks will obviously have to be compatible and suitable for the style of fence that you decide upon.

If your dog is only a small breed then it may not be necessary to have a high fence, unless of course you decide that you would like more security for your pet and your property. If you are opting for a low, picket style fence, then there is little point in having one of the expensive dog fence locks as the fence will be easy to gain access over anyway. High fences may have a gate which you will need to be able to access from both directions. If this is the case then you should opt for a good quality lock which is accessible by key.

You may be just installing a fence within your property boundary which is for the sole purpose of being an exercise area for your dog. Once again, it will depend upon the size of the dog as to which style of fence you use. A picket fence with just a clasp will be sufficient for a small breed, as long as the dog fence lock is a safe design with no sharp edges being accessible by the dog. Some dogs do have a habit of jumping at the gate when they see you approach and you do not want to cause any injury to your pet. The same applies to all fencing and fittings that you use.

If you are installing a high metal fence to secure your dog, you may wish to use a padlock. Your dog may be a work dog and unused to human contact and if this is the case then it is wise to ensure that the will not be disturbed by people entering the compound if they are not expected. If so, keep the gate locked.

Source by Ian Pennington