Your Local Library is Your Friend

I was recently in my local library. It is a nice place – airy, light, quiet and generally a peaceful place to be. The staff are always polite and everyone seems to know what they are doing. I often go there.

There was a varied amount of activity. Some people were reading books, others a newspaper or   magazine . One chap was sleeping (he seemed unaware of anything around him). There was a gallery of local artists and my particular library is part of a wider complex which includes a theatre and coffee bar (and, of course, toilets).

It got me thinking, what I actually gain from this place. After all, isn’t everything done online – large, well-staffed institutions seem to be a bit archaic. I started to list the benefits of my local library:

  • a place to be quiet away from the kids / wife / dog / postman
  • a place to be able to use computers (yes, all libraries have them)
  • excellent staff – nothing is too much trouble
  • I can get any book from almost anywhere at almost no cost
  • huge and important reference works are available to me
  • I discover areas to research that I never knew possible
  • I can take books home (even ones that cost huge amounts)
  • I can print, scan and photocopy stuff

I could go on. I truly believe that most of us under-utilise our libraries. There is an amazing array of facilities on hand to use whenever we want (within reason).

Perhaps that is the main problem – my library is not open long enough.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson

How SMS Marketing Could Benefit Your Business

The use of SMS marketing in B2C is becoming a popular way to advertise to consumers through their mobile phones. Businesses normally approach mobile phone providers to send off content using SMS (short message service) messages to mobiles. SMS texts can be received by all mobiles making SMS marketing extremely invasive but also effective. The key from a B2B perspective is to find the right balance and use this marketing channel in the right circumstances.

SMS marketing can also be sent through platforms capable of SMS broadcasting such as vMail. The areas where SMS can be of use vary greatly between industries. Mobile phone providers themselves use this method to encourage subscribers to upgrade their service and to let them know about seasonal promotions. People can also subscribe to SMS advertisements and promotions through their phone to receive SMS alerts whenever something new is posted from for example an online retailer.

The automation of parts of the sales cycle is one area where SMS marketing can help out at a B2B level. By allowing users to sign up for newsletters, competitions or updates through their phone, a business can reach audiences that might not engage through traditional marketing channels. By building a list of phone numbers, a company can begin to do promotions or update their target market on new items relevant to their audience. They can send out a mass text message to all the customers that have signed up on a certain date and are due for renewal of their contract.

SMS marketing can unlike billboards, television advertisements and magazine advertisements reach anyone wherever they are. Most people have their phones on them at all hours of the day and will check their phones if they receive an SMS message alert. This allows for a very quick response on campaigns. For example, Walls ice-cream teamed up with o2 very recently using SMS marketing combined with thermal mapping. Walls were able to send SMS messages to people that were in areas of a certain temperature.

One of the key components of an SMS campaign is that the person who is targeted must be able to opt out of the advertising or opt out of their subscription to the advertising. Usually this is done by sending a stop message the SMS. This stop code allows people to stop receiving these advertisements should they no longer want the product and it is a requirement for creating a SMS marketing campaign.

Many phone providers and SMS companies will allow small businesses to buy runs of SMS advertising. This is where a company can pay for just a short code or small run of advertising. SMS marketing can then be tailored for just about any budget and also targeted to phones based on local registration and local telephone service providers.

SMS marketing is a great tool that can be used to help businesses grow and extend the reach to alternative target markets, no matter where they are.

Source by Chris Harding

The Best Quilting DVD’s Available Online

There are not only quilting   magazines  and books, there are also loads of quilting DVD’s available for professionals and beginners alike. The DVD’s are packed with tips and hints as well as inspiring information. When you are joining block together you will hear quilter’s terminology uses such “I have begun my set” etc. by watching these DVD’s you will pick this up. You will also commonly hear “it is ready for the frames” which means they have completed joining the blocks together. Another frequent term is “I am on a third roll” which means the quilt has been rolled on a frame for the third time.

Once a quilt is ready for binding and has been removed from the frame they use the term “took out” and a completed quilt usually call for a celebrations. Like any type of art even quilter’s have their own terminology. There is an enormous amount of time and dedication put into making a quilt and many complexed designed quilts could take a round a year to complete.

No matter is you are a professional or a beginner you will find the right DVD. These DVD’s afford you an easy point and click method. The Quilt Design Wizard is the very latest step by step guide; and this wizard offer over 200 quilt blocks which are filled with staggering colored fabric designs as well as the layout being set out for you. You will be able to choose a block that will work well for you as the colors are already coordinated which allows you to become a pro the easy way.

By using the point and click method the design wizard allows you to designs quilt’s on your computer. The layout of your design is easy when you follow the step by step instructions, and the wizard also gives you the correct sizing. Due to the blocks being color coordinated you can chose a design that will work well for you. The wizard also gives you a list of materials needed for the project you have chosen.

In addition the wizard will do all the necessary calculations as well as scaling but using the point, click and print. These quilting DVD’s will provide the information you need from fabrics, patterns, buying the supplies, storing a quilt and assembling a quilt. The wizard will allow you to print piecing patterns as well as templates. Included are sewing instructions as well as cutting charts which include comprehensive instructions; and a completed design as well as the instructions can be printed immediately?

You will find something that will suit your needs no matter if you want a contemporary or traditional design. In addition the wizard allows you to experiment with the hundreds of different fabric variants and color combinations before you buy your fabric. There are also so many versatile layouts as well as borders to chose from.

The Quilting Wizard is truly an answer to all quilter’s prayers as this is one of the easiest and most comprehensive methods you will ever find when it comes to quilting. When it comes to experimenting with colors and fabric textures as well as designs these quilting DVD’s have been rated tops.

Source by Michelle Reynolds

The Fast Weight Loss Tricks Aren’t Really Easy Tips To Lose Weight

If you are trying to figure out what the best diets are, you’re in for a lot of research. Here are some common ones that cover the entire range:

  • Metabolic Syndrome Diet
  • Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss
  • Chromium Weight Loss
  • Fish Oil Weight Loss
  • Vegetarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss
  • Protein Diet For Weight Loss
  • The Glycemic Load Diet
  • Whey Protein Diet

You can see just a few of the diets out there, but which one is right for you? Take a trip to the market and see all the magazines writing about fast weight loss tricks and easy tips to lose weight.

Question: Why were the late 70’s and early 80’s such a significant time for the start of weight gain?

We were sold on “low-fat” foods helping us to lose weight. However, according to many studies, low-fat diets do very little to help you lose weight. Just look at how fat we are getting.

This is a perfect example of what I am talking about. A commercially produced diet dessert bar has only 160 calories. The problem is this encouraging you to keep eating sweet stuff.

There’s no doubt commercial diet companies have helped plenty of people lose weight, but for how long? It would be interesting to see those numbers.

Processed are sabotaging your weight reduction goals because you aren’t eating healthy food. You’ll never really change your eating pattern unless you focus on healthy foods.

In the end, most people don’t find low-fat foods to be satisfying or filling. So guess what? That’s right, they resort to junk food for that fix. That’s where the weight gain really starts showing up.

One of the most important things you can do is compare labels when you go to the supermarket. Just because something is coined “Lite” doesn’t mean it has less sugar.

In fact, if you look at salad dressing labels, you will find some shocking truths about the amount of sugar in some of your favorite “Lite” dressings.

Rather than looking for the Holy Grail of diets, focus on eating healthy snacks for weight loss. This will carry over into the rest of your eating habits over time.

You will definitely be challenged when you decide which diet plan is best for you. You can pretty much stop relying on fast weight loss tricks or easy tips to lose weight unless you are disciplined and plan on changing your habits for good.

Source by Ray Riechert

Article Writing Skills – How to Improve Them Dramatically

Anyone who is anyone will be using article marketing in their internet marketing campaign. If you want to have a competing edge, you will have to improve your writing skills constantly. It is a good idea to set aside some time for you to practice your writing speed.

First off, you should never let yourself become comfortable with your writing skills. You want to improve them every chance you get. This is because your productivity will solely depend on your skill level. The thing is, there are so many people out there trying to get ahead of the crowd with their article marketing. So, it is your job to make sure this does not happen. Also, make sure that you think outside the box when writing your articles. You want your readers to be impressed with what you have to offer them. So, learn from the experts in your field and find out what they do to capture the attention of their target audience.

The best thing that you could do to always improve your skills is to write on a regular basis. There is nothing that compares to consistent practice and hard work. There is no way that you can master something without doing it. So, I suggest that you write 2-3 articles a day to improve your existing skills.

One thing that you could do to improve your writing skills is to set up a schedule that you can follow every day. I suggest that you write first thing in the morning as your mind will be fresh and ready to go. Also, take a 15 minute break every 2 hours.

Source by AJ Simon

Planning For Wedding Designs

There are so many wedding designs and, you might find it very overwhelming just thinking about designs. It is paramount that you look for designs that are modern and those that will be pleasing to you. There are so many factors to think about and, you will find that the first thing you consider is the wedding designs for the invitation. Invitations are your very first contacts with guests and, it is vital for you to look for designs that will be just right for you. First, you want to achieve the kind of designs that will definitely turn heads. There is nothing more exciting than having the kind of designs that will make you feel good and comfortable. You have to know the kind of colors that will work great. The kind of thing you need to consider is the theme you are working with. Designs that are in harmony with the theme will definitely work great. Wedding invitations are crucial and, you have to plan for the kind of budget you want to work with. It is not about the amount of money you have; it is about the kind of designs you are willing to go with. Designs can be found in variety and, when you visit good invitations for wedding sites, you will be in a position to know exactly what you want.

Wedding designs for invitations will make a good impact for you in this regard. The other wedding designs you will need is on the venue and decorations. Decorations are very vital and there are different designs that keep on emerging. It is not about what is really out there but, how you want to modify or personalize it to achieve great results in this regard. When you are considering designs, you will discover that it is your ideas that will see you make things just the way you want them. The venue can be very tricky when it comes to design because many of the venues or locations are ready to go. All you will need to design is the decor. Let there be some form of focus when you are considering enhancing the venues. If you are at a garden, it is alright to go with how a venue has been designed naturally. There are so many things to learn about the venue design and you will find more information on sites dedicated to providing information on weddings.

Wedding designs for the dresses for the bridal party must be a signature to your wedding. You really need to take time and ensure that all the designs you choose will work perfectly for your site. It is pretty exciting to have all the necessary detail before you choose on the design you will want to go with. Modern designs can prove to be very expensive and, before you point on the dresses and shoes you want to go with, know the kind of budget you have. Above all, look for all the places that you can visit to find great designs at affordable prices. When it comes to designs for a wedding, you will need to be creative and you will definitely achieve what you want.

Source by Francis K Githinji

Trend Lab Diaper Bags Review

Trend Lab Diaper Bags and gifts is totally home grown. 100% owned by women in the USA this popular company began with adorable crib bedding and stylish Trend Lab baby bags knowing that Moms and Dads want a well furnished nursery. A major brand now because moms know what moms need, they have an entire line of products with a multitude of stylish and fun themes that complement the latest fashion trends.

What Trend Lab Diaper Bags Have Going For Them:

Design: For panache and flair, these baby bags are proud to carry diapers and baby bottles and don’t they let you know it! Bright, fun colors and designs.

Easy to Clean: We cannot stress this one enough. Fashionable is one thing, but how fashionable is a grubby bag holding baby’s used diapers? The cotton twill is totally drenched in PVC which allows Mom to keep baby’s things clean and sanitary easily.

Variety: Being given a choice is always a good thing. With three major sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from, there is no need to restrict your choice to just one bag fits all. Having a bag for long term, short term, and involved trips is more than just convenient. The variety allows you to keep your bags in shape better and for longer.

Stroller Straps: This feature is available for the larger Messenger bag and Bowling bag styles and is absolutely necessary. There is not one Mommy who wants to carry it all on her back alone, with no assistance. These baby bags are a blessing.

Changing Pad: To not have this would be potentially disastrous for your coat, car blanket, shawl or any other surface cover with which you had to substitute. Easy to clean and non-absorbable, it is a huge time and stress saver.

Price: We had to check twice on the price. That Trend Lab Diaper Bags are priced so low is fabulous. Fashionable and ever so practical, every Mom can afford them, not just the celebrity and fashion maven moms.

What Trend Lab Diaper Bags Could Do More:

Design: The designs are great for every day baby living, but for Moms that are on the go all the time and need to run from the park to the board room with the little one in tow, these baby bags are not as invisible as they could be. We would like to see them develop an elegant bag that the CEO Mommy could tote to the office and straight to the social event. If she needs to carry her laptop too, some additional reinforcement might be a good idea.

Dad User Friendly: The chocolate with blue messenger bag and colors similar is more Dad friendly than the pretty in pink Paisley Park Tulip Tote, but he may still feel like he is carrying Mom’s Mother Purse. More and more Dads are caring for their children on a regular basis so we feel they deserve styles that they will feel more comfortable carrying.

All in all, Trend Lab Diaper Bags has provided fun and practical baby bags for a remarkable price and are definitely worth every penny.  

Source by Cora Lee

A Cool Roof Makes for a Cool Home

Roofing materials can protect your home from the elements and cut energy costs. Homeowners usually look for innovative home cooling methods to keep their dwellings comfortable, while shaving a few dollars off their monthly electricity bill. This is especially true amid the summer months in scorching hot states like Utah and Arizona. While it occurs to most people that they can turn off their air conditioners when they run errands or go on vacation, or use fans that use less energy when the heat becomes bearable, scientific roofing technology can be a viable solution to keep you from sweltering during the summer.

Living Green   magazine  reports that traditional black roofs absorb light and heat from the sun, which is partly why densely populated city blocks can become profoundly uncomfortable places to live during a heat wave. One way to combat this is installing reflective roofing panels or coatings, which send sunbeams flying back into the atmosphere.

While profiling long-time roofing technology advocate, Clinton Administration energy policy adviser and Commissioner of the California Energy Commission Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Grist  magazine  goes into greater detail about the environmental benefits of reflective roofing. If less heat is being trapped on the Earth, the amount of greenhouse gases that get stuck in the atmosphere actually goes down, according to the source.

In a hypothetical scenario where all the cities in tropical or temperate areas converted the tops of buildings into white roofs, it would cut the world’s carbon emissions about as much as it would if the Earth contained 300 million fewer cars, reports Living Green.

Rosenfeld has championed energy-efficient roofing for energy conservation, as well as its capacity to reduce smog. But that feature may not be pertinent to people residing in suburban or rural areas where smog isn’t an issue.

That doesn’t mean advancements in roofing technology only apply to cities. Consider the roof of an Australian desert estate featured in Jetson Green. Not only is the roof white to keep the sun from pounding on the home, but it’s actually a second roof raised above the original. The elevation between the roofs creates a layer of air between the house and the sky’s blistering heat.

Either white reflective panels or white elastomeric coatings do the most effective job at redirecting sunlight, despite Living Green’s report that white roofs often aren’t aesthetically preferable for residential buildings. But scientists specializing in sunlight have figured out ways for roof paneling and coatings of darker hues to deflect heat, although not as thoroughly as white roofing.

The Cool Roof Rating Council reports that you could save up to 30 percent on summer utility bills with an energy efficient roof. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your home or would like to pay less for electricity during the summer, your local contracting company can give you information on the best cool roof technology for your structure.

Source by Jill Smith

Finding Niche Markets Online

Finding Niche Markets

Finding niche markets to sell affiliate products to is a necessary step in becoming an affiliate marketer. When trying to find the right market we need to do research. This article suggests some places where you can find ideas for audiences to target.

Finding Niche Markets Offline

Finding niche markets off-line is an under used strategy. However, take a look around and you will see many products being used and advertised on media other than the internet. Here are some examples:

  1. Bookstores or Libraries provide a steady supply of   magazines . Browse through them for audience and product ideas. Use the content to provide you with up-to-date information.
  2. Television or radio often have programs related to business, modern gadgets and consumer demands. Check-out the guides to see what shows interest you.
  3. Friends, family and colleagues usually have favorite brands which are unique and proven. Brainstorm ideas and you may be surprised.
  4. Shopping centers are packed with items that you may not even be aware of. Take a stroll around some of the shops. If there is a product you are interested in talk to the salesperson and find out who’s buying it.

Finding Niche Markets Online

Finding niche markets on-line is a marketers dream. The possibilities are endless and the lucky ones find sources that have yet to become mainstream. Here are a few examples:

  1. Groups and forums consist of members discussing various issues. You can explore any group or forum to learn what problems people have. Sell that audience a relevant product.
  2. Social Networks are huge and attract thousands of members. What’s the scoop? What are people talking about? Who are advertisers targeting and for what merchandise?
  3. Affiliate program searches will tell you what other marketers are selling. Be careful to do your due diligence on the program. Not all products are worth selling or target the right market.
  4. Lists are worthwhile if you get on the right one. For example, one marketer was generous enough to send out new keyword lists everyday to his subscribers.
  5. Training facilities are the best all round choice. They provide ideas for research, tools for building the business and support; usually for a minimal monthly fee.

Conclusion – Thinking Outside the Box

Finding niche markets is important. However, it is just one step in a series of important steps. The next being to match a relevant product with the audience. Keywords you choose will depend upon promotional methods as well as a few other factors. Making sales will depend upon having factual content that delivers on its promise.

The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is the vast reach of the internet. The world is a huge place filled with thousands of little nooks and crannies to be discovered. The number of English speakers alone is in the staggering hundreds of millions. Finding niche markets is easier when you think outside the box. Learning how to dominate them will come with experience.

Source by Mark Persaud

Languishing In The Language Of Laziness

Are American workers, as a group, languishing in the language of laziness?

The answer clearly is “yes.”

“Languish” is defined in dictionaries as becoming feeble and weak, decreasing in vitality, dispirited, and suffering neglect.

The vocabulary of the language of laziness includes: break, holiday, vacation, sleep in, day off, leaving early, relaxing, week end, call in sick, watch TV, late for work, running late, failure to exercise regualrly, and retirement.

Excessive laziness is evidenced in the American work place.

Geoff Colvin, Fortune   Magazine  Editorial Director, wrote a series of “Couch Potato Nation” articles recently.

He says,”US workers can’t compete internationally unless they work harder.”

The U.N. Labor Organization reports that “only 18% of US workers work more than 48 hours per week.”

This compares very unfavorably to many other nations.

Colvin notes, too, that decreases in American working hours in the last 40 years have added more leisure time to American workers–equivalent to an extra 5 to 10 days of annual vacation.

As one who works six days per week, 12 hours daily, I strongly agree with Mr. Colvin on this. America’s work ethic needs to be recharged and revived.

We can’t snooze or shashay through the 21st Century.

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” said Ben Franklin. That’s more true now than ever.

Whether one is hardworking or lazy, is your job secure? No! Don’t kid yourself or go into denial.

Let’s look at the facts about employment in America.

Tens of thousands of jobs have vanished in 2007.

That includes 50,000 in manufacturing in the last nine months. During the same time period, 32,000 jobs in big companies were lost.

Only 38,000 new jobs were created in the USA in August 2007. Typically, that number is 100,000 to

150,000 newly-created jobs monthly.

August 2007 brought the USA its first negative net job growth in four years.

While 28,000 jobs were eliminated in construction, manufacturing, transportation and government, new

private sector jobs in education, health care, leisure time and hospitals grew by 24,000 new jobs.

The result: a net decrease of 4,000 newly-created jobs in August 2007.

Many job openings in America are available to the global workforce, including many willing to come here to work.

Many of them are very well qualified and demand less compensation than American workers–and often they are willing to work much harder than us.

Global companies are recruiting high potential Americans to work in their nations, too.

Truly, the job market is going global.

So, no job is secure any longer. You can’t afford to be lazy in these market conditions. That’s because you can be replaced by the latest technology or a hard working, ambitious person from another nation.

Not only is the job market precarious, The American economy is in a total mess.

Stock markets plunged September 7, 2007 based on a poor jobs report.

August 2007 residential retail sales dropped 12% in just one month.

And the sub-prime mortgage mess looms on the horizon, spooking the economy and the investment world.

The housing market is poor. Home sales dropped 12% last month. Foreclosures were up 50% during the second quarter 2007.

Here’s the cure to Languishing In The Language Of Laziness?

1. Become self-employed. This is give you control over your own prosperity and your future, and it’s an instant cure for laziness.

2. Reject retirement as a total fraud. Unless you hate your work, why desire to retire? It makes no sense. Nobody in the Bible ever retired. Why should you?

Retirement was created years ago by Kaiser Wilhelm to juice up a stagnant economy by ridding the workplace of older workers, making room for younger people to get jobs. Retirement is outmoded.

3. Reject the concept of a “week end.” Instead, do what many religious faiths (including Christianity, Judaism and Islam) tell us to do–work six consecutive days, followed by one full sabbath day with rest, no work, and taking time to worship.

It doesn’t matter which day of the week you observe the sabbath day.

That’s 52 days off yearly–far better than a two week, all at once 14 day vacation.

Source by John Alquist