True Love

Human beings experience love in direct proportion to their level of consciousness. Love is our natural state. Love imposes nothing on another, and in turn requires nothing but merely delights in the uniqueness of each being. Freedom is always an essential ingredient of true love.

Since consciousness is as yet a rare state for human beings, the love that we feel at our present level of consciousness is coloured by several factors including our conditioning, our desires, and the behaviour of our beloved. We fall in and out of love. We establish social formulas and rules within which we experience romantic and sexual ‘love’. There may be moments of stillness when we feel a surge of pure love for another being. Sooner or later however, most people become disillusioned with romantic love when they realise that happiness and security cannot be guaranteed by another.

We blame our partners for not accepting us, for not loving us, for not giving us what we need. The constructed self identifies completely with the beloved, and seeks to control and possess the object of affection. Confusion, anger, conflict, violence, pain and deep unhappiness most often result from unrequited love or failing relationships.

The focus of our love must be inward in terms of connecting with the deep source of love that is our essence, and outward in terms of loving others. It is a futile exercise to become caught up in whether other people love us or not. We can never control what another person feels for us. In reality we can never fully know what anyone else feels because that depends on their capacity to open to consciousness and hence to experience true love.

A greater degree of clarity will ensue when we realise that our attempt to love others is part of our spiritual development. When we begin to experience consciousness in the moment – outside of time, past or future – we may gain an awareness of what true love actually is.

Beyond all the thoughts, emotions and conditioning, your essence is pure love. No one can ever take this away from you. This is the natural state of all beings. Love is an expression of our oneness with the whole of life. It is part of our purpose on earth to realise this truth. Love freely given is the ultimate gift to another person. While everything in the physical plane is impermanent, true love cannot end because it is at the very heart of our essence.

You may like to note down your answers to the following: Whether you are in an intimate relationship or not, list the attributes you most desire in a mate. Take each of the above attributes in turn. Why do you consider this attribute to be important? If your mate, or potential mate, lost these attributes would this bring about a change in your feelings of love?

Again take each of the above attributes in turn. Now apply them to yourself. Is this a quality that you have already developed in yourself? If not, consider how you can develop this trait in yourself.

Love and Acceptance Observe the boundaries and formulas you erect around the circumstances and object of your love. This may help you to gain greater awareness as to what true love actually is. True love is complete acceptance of the other person. This does not mean that we must accept negative or destructive behaviour. It simply means that we can see past the conditioned responses and lack of awareness that are temporarily obscuring this person’s true nature. There may be times when we need to leave a relationship that is interfering with our ability to grow, or is causing us too much pain. However we may still wish the person well, and send them love and light.

The basis of true love is acceptance. In accepting and loving another, not as we imagine them to be but as they actually are, we are flowing with the reality of life and moving away from illusions that delude us and cause us confusion and suffering. There is nothing as clear as true love. Thus we can only begin to love ourselves as we are, without demanding that we change some undesirable aspect or achieve some goal. True love emanates from within. By loving what is – all of yourself as you are in this moment – you can offer the same precious gift to another.

True love recognises the unity and oneness of all beings. This pure love requires a heightened state of sustained consciousness. When we feel true love for another it is not possible to experience its opposite – fear, hate, fury or jealousy. True love is not limited by the constraints of physical or mental attributes. True love knows its own magnificence at the deepest level of existence and therefore recognises the sacred beauty and inherent perfection of all other beings. True love is so distant from our usual notions of loving that it may sound extraordinary that this kind of love could ever be found. Yet true love resides within and is naturally revealed when there is full awareness. When we finally experience true love – whether for a moment, a day or a lifetime – our whole life is full of love and we are no longer concerned about whether or not another person loves us. True love has no concern, no agenda other than to simply love.

Source by Lucy Costigan

Mango Muscles

Well, I started lifting weights about 6 months ago and nothing. Monday: Three hours in the gym, go home look in the mirror, guys you know how you look in the mirror before you jump in the shower pose for two hours with the hot water running, hot steam making you sweat so you look more ripped then what you really are, yeah fellas you know what I’m talking about. The rest of the week it’s the same thing over and over. Then I started buying the shakes, weigh formula and taking everything at GNC I could afford just because all the guys in the gym were gaining muscle on top of muscle and I wasn’t going nowhere fast in my body building career, just playing I’m not a body builder . So after I’ve taken everything GNC had to offer me and my body hasn’t changed a bit, I decided to change my program, you know less reps heavier weight, read a couple books on exercise motions when lifting, and low and behold nothing

So one day while working out in the gym, a guy who looked like a artist just sculpted him out of a piece of stone and placed him in a fitness   magazine  for GODS came in strutting his stuff. So the first thing I did was watch very close at what his secret potion was, he sits his bag down opens it up and pulls out this, this, this bottle of water. Dang it I thought I was on my way to a new body, but he wasn’t done yet, because the very next thing he pulled out was it; it was this beautiful glass bottle nothing that a gym rat would usually have in his bag! Well any hoo I walked over so I could get a better glimpse of what it was, it was a purplish color, and the bottle said XANGO! And I was online the same night ordering this wonderful beverage!

When I first tasted it I was shocked at how good it was, it was like no other taste in the world “DELICIOUS”! and here I am 3 months later a lean mean muscle machine!

Source by Glen Harris

Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Resources

Everyone is trying to find the golden road out of their big business job. Getting fired is NOT the desirable choice but it does happen. Goofing off or failure to show up for work triggers the pink slip for most of us. Beware, that’s NOT the way to begin your own business career.

As we have mentioned often in the past, it takes money (capital) to run any kind of business plus there’s always a RISK factor that scares most of us in a big way. Always, there’s the “what if” sign that haunts us, it throws up a “red” flag that stops us in our tracks.

It’s reported that up to 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year. Reality is saying there’s a 10% chance you’ll make it in your own business if it fits the “norm”. Such negative odds are not very encouraging when most of us invest family money, often take on debt to began a new business.

Affiliate marketing may take some of the risk away. Buying an existing business with a customer base and an income stream is another option. Buying a franchise from scratch or finding a prior franchise owner who wants to retire or wants to do something else is a good option, too. Which choice is right for YOU and your experiences, your talents? Your risk tolerance and capital may be the deciding factor.

Someone else owns the product or the software and you join up as an affiliate marketer. Hundreds of business owners have started their own business and found success beginning their business as an affiliate marketer. You will be paid a commission for your successful sales. To begin your business as an affiliate marketer, you don’t have the cost of discovery or a huge infrastructure expense.

Affiliate marketing does not have an automatic button to push, it does come with some risk and may take a little capital to start your business, however, it can be a profitable venture. If you are a natural sales personality with lots of personal motivation then your own business may be a wise move for you.

Just don’t get suckered into a bad deal. Everywhere you look, newspapers, you tube, Internet Marketers with courses and seminars are trying to get your attention, mostly your money with promises of instant wealth. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, just don’t get burned.

Most of us who have been around the block a few times have the T-shirt, been there, done that. The world is loaded with con-artist who will take your hard earned money without remorse. Just because they have the knowledge and ability to do something on the Internet does NOT mean YOU can do it.

Some marketers hire high priced copywriters with the talent and expertise to turn words of persuasion into an avalanche of response from naive, unsuspecting buyers, but there’s too often little benefit to the average guy on the street who’s trying to build his/her own business.

Rather than simply believing what you hear, step back and do your own research. Use the Google search tools, type in “affiliate marketing” for starters. Usually, you’ll find lots of free courses online about almost any subject. Read what you find before spending unnecessary funds. You can do the same for franchising, businesses for sale, etc.

There are   magazines  and news letters that are quality resources for affiliate marketing. Newsletters are generally free and contain good, valuable information about particular programs. You”ll learn what others have discovered and many are working in affiliate marketing with some degree of success.

Source by Don Monteith

Birthday Gifts For Her – Get a Woman What She Really Desires

Women have different tastes for the kind of gifts they want on their special occasions, be it anniversaries, birthdays or any other kind of important occasion. In order to impress the most special women in your life, be it your loving wife, girlfriend, mom or sister, make sure you put in all your heart to find the best present that suits them. Take time to think about what would make her happy and strive to get her something unique that will not only excite her but add meaning to her most special day. Birthday Gifts for Her can range from a simple flower to an expensive gift. But getting what she really likes holds the key to her happiness on her special day.

There is a huge collection of amazing Birthday Gifts for her that will make her happy. Pamper her with the best Beauty products from us or buy her beautiful Gift Boxes to surprise her. There are a host of wonderful Gift hampers that she will really like along with Personalised wine and spirit gift hampers to impress her on her special day. Buy a Personalised   magazine  cover with her photo on the cover page and see the look of excitement on her face when she realises she is on the cover of her favourite  magazine ! Women love to be pampered with lavish gifts. Buy spa break in her favourite spa or let her have the Beauty treatment she desires of to look stunning on her special day.

Is your recipient more on the adrenaline side? Well, we have a host of gift ideas that can cheer her up. Go Driving in some of the most expensive cars or take a ride of London City aboard a Helicopter! Take her for a Sphering session and let the child in her come out. Be it whatever, choose the gift that can make her really happy and let her enjoy her special day in pomp and glory.

Source by Suze Orman

Sport Diversity – The Application Behind The Theory

Multilateral development is a theory which urges young athletes to participate in several sports over their childhood and adolescent periods prior to specializing in one. The basis is that varied athletic stimulus will serve to broaden the youngsters’ ‘warehouse’ or ‘portfolio’ of general athletic ability and develop a thorough or expansive base on which to build and eventually specialize. While the concepts are well known and the research citing success far reaching, it is still not an embraced reality within North American youth sports.

By examining elite athletics, you can most certainly see the impact that multilateral development can have –

Michael Jordan – played baseball and football as a youth

Dave Winfield – a multi-sport phenomenon drafted by the NBA in addition to MLB

Gary Roberts – an esteemed NHL veteran, played lacrosse at a high level as a youth

Kurt Browning – 4-time world figure skating champion was an avid hockey and baseball player

While these are just a few examples, the reality is that elite athletics is dominated by individuals who participated in more than one sport as kids. By no means am I suggesting that excelling in more than one sport is important, but actively participating in a variety of athletic endeavors as you grow physiologically and psychologically is key. These realities extend beyond just developing good athletic ability. In fact, one of the problems I’ve encountered and often explained to parents and coaches in youth training seminars is that there is more than just a physical burn-out associated with specialized sporting endeavors.

The obvious key is that specialization will result in a decreased amount of overall athletic ability which will inevitably become a hindrance as young athletes mature. In my experience, the athletes with the most diverse athletic history are often better equipped to learn and develop skills at the higher ends of a given sport once specialization has been determined. Above and beyond that however, there is also a mental stimulation component to athletic development. If baseball is a 12 month sport, for example, at what point does a 9 year old begin to lose interest?

To answer that question, just think about the average 9 year olds attention span in general. That’s not to say that your 9 year old isn’t truly enjoying every second of playing baseball throughout the year, but inevitably, he will be ‘enjoying’ the game and ‘focusing’ on it more at certain points and less at others – that’s the nature of being a kid. It’s in these down times that bad and lazy habits can be developed. Keeping a youngster truly energized and excited about playing and learning new skills is a key component to athletic development that is very often overlooked.

Another overlooked feature of why multilateral development remains the best option for young people is the tactical aspects associated with sport. Even if your son engages in numerous other informal modes of athletic stimulus, he is only being truly challenged with the tactics and game speed of baseball. Baseball is a notoriously slow game, especially at the youth level. Developing optimal ‘quick-wittedness’ and ‘game smarts’ may best be done via participation is several sports. My point here is that the arguments either for or against multilateral development are typically waged on the physical spectrum. In reality, the successful development of a young athlete is also heavily influenced by items such as mental and emotional perspicacity and tactical (sporting) smarts.

While the multilateral development versus early specialization debate tends to wage endlessly in North America, other nations have adopted its concepts and applied its principals, due to both practical success as well as scientific research.

Dr. Michael Yessis in his wonderful book, “Secrets of Soviet Sports & Fitness Training”, offers this input –

“Sport scientists. have found that athletes benefit from participating in sports other than the one in which they specialize. By doing so, the can tap a broader array of physiological skill, as well as take advantage of a psychological relaxing diversion. It’s common for (Soviet trained athletes), for example, to play twenty minutes of basketball as part of a warm-up of their day-to-day training sessions, (even if they are wrestlers).

.(In the west), the tendency is to believe that the way to become a good runner, for instance, is to run, run and run some more. The Soviets, however, know that during certain periods of the training program, there are other sports that can be used to help make a runner quicker and more flexible, thus developing the all- around physical qualities needed to be a champion”.

The former Soviet Union and other members of the Eastern Bloc are not the only nations that adhere to developmental principals. Australia is perhaps the best current day example of the power of a strong, national development system. Guided by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), a National Talent Identification and Development program has been institute country-wide and in conjunction with state and territory governments. The Talent Search, as it is referred to, is a coordinated effort to search for the sporting talent in Australia’s young people. The program is designed to help sports identify talented athletes (ranging in age from 11 – 20) and assist in preparing them for domestic, national and international competition. Young athletes are guided through developmental programs which facilitate giving them the best opportunity to realize their sporting potential.

In the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the United States lead all nations in total medals won with 199. In fourth place, Australia’s athletes collected 115 medals.

With a population of 19, 546, 792 people, Australia has 271,280, 551 fewer people than the United States. With 14 times fewer people, they won only 84 medals less than the United States.

Developmental strategies work.

Source by Brian Grasso

Everything You Need to Know About Self Storage

Is your home overflowing with “stuff”? You know, “stuff” is the things that you don’t use often that primarily just takes up space. Skis, old books or   magazines , keepsakes, pretty much anything could be occupying valuable real estate in your home. And let’s face it, there’s not a lot of space in New York. In fact, if everyone who lives and works in New York City was outside at the same time, there wouldn’t be enough space for them all.

If you are looking for a bit more elbow room in your home, self-storage might be a great solution for you. There are over sixty self-storage locations on the island of Manhattan. With this many options, figuring out which one is the best fit for you can be a challenge. Thankfully, we have compiled a few tips to help, from those who have been there before you.

One of the first considerations is accessibility. Sure, you want your things out of your home, but that doesn’t mean you are going to disregard them entirely. With so many self-storage sites in Manhattan, there is likely one near you; however, the prospect of moving all of your things even a few blocks across the city can be daunting.

Another option is to find an extensive database of storage “landlords”: people who have some extra space in their home or business that they rent out to people like you. The landlord-tenant solution provides some extra benefits to traditional self-storage. Not only might there be locations closer to your home (maybe even in the same building), but because these spaces are generally part of someone’s home or office space, there are people who have a vested interest in keeping the space safe and secure. Just in the course of living their lives and doing business, they have an eye on your things.

The cost of self-storage varies depending on what your storage needs are. For a small space (around 4′ x 3′ x 3′), you can expect to pay from thirty to seventy dollars per month. Larger spaces (10′ x 20′) are in the range of $150 to $700 per month. In a true self-storage marketplace, you can negotiate your price with your landlord, so there is a lot of room for improvement on these prices.

No matter which route you choose, keep in mind the three things that most people look for in storage: security, accessibility, and pricing. When you find the best mix of these three, you’ll know that you have found your storage solution.

Source by Stu MacNeil

One Way to Earn Extra Cash

One way of making some extra money is to sell your stories to the press. You can earn anywhere in the thousands for sharing your interesting real life stories and experiences. Unfortunately a lot of people will not know where to start and how to price their stories. Below are some points for you to consider before sharing your stories.

Considerations before selling your story

  • Do you have a clear idea of the story you want to sell?
  • Is the story interesting enough to earn you a lot of cash?
  • Do you want your photos to appear with your story? (Not all publications will require photos, but you will get more money if you agree to be photographed)
  • How will your friends and family feel about you selling your story?
  • Do you have evidence to back up the authenticity of your story?
  • Which newspapers or   magazines  do you want your story to be featured in?
  • Do not set your earning expectations too high.

Once you have given it some thought and still want to go ahead with selling your story you have two routes to take. Approach the newspaper or  magazine  of your choice directly or approach a press agency. Most of these will however be very busy and for some people dealing with the media can be rather scary. If you are the type of person who can negotiate very well, then you can go ahead and approach them direct but it is highly recommended to use an agent.

Benefits of using a press agency

  • Press agencies have experienced and talented journalists who can write your story in a professional way.
  • They know how much your story is worth, thus getting you the best deal.
  • Some press agencies will offer to do the service free of charge.
  • Press agencies get paid separately by publication companies for writing stories.

Thus there are still legitimate ways of making money on the internet and selling your story to the press is one of them. Not only will you have an opportunity to do business in a professional way but also get paid a good amount of money for your story.

Source by Tin Lay

Attract a Guy Right Now With 2 Easy Tips

Would you like to know 2 tips that can help you attract a guy right now? Are you tired of cooking for one every single night? The last time you went on a date, was the original Footloose movie with Kevin Bacon still number 1 at the Box Office? If so, you definitely need these 2 tips to attract a guy – so read them right now!

It’s All in Your Confidence

· Men adore confident women, and confidence has nothing to do with looks. Believe it or not, a man will notice a Plain Jane with Oprah Confidence before he notices a beauty pageant contestant. There is something about the way that Plain Jane moves that lets everyone in the room know she is smart, beautiful, and self-assured.

· The key to attracting any guy you want is your personality. Show a man that you’re a fun spirit by smiling and making eye contact; with this image, you’re projecting the message that you’re open to new friends and new relationships. Smile like you’ve just eaten the right amount of something delicious. If you’re frowning and hiding in a corner, all the guys in the place will be in another corner, doing their best to ignore you. Instead, turn that frown upside down and attract a guy to your side right now!

Work it Girl!

· Dress attractively for your body size. Consider what looks good on you and wear it. Don’t wear what you saw Ms. Perfect wearing in a   magazine . Heads up – there is no Ms. Perfect and the perfect outfit…it’s called Photoshop.

· You have to work with your particular body type. Your number one mission when getting dressed everyday is to make yourself look even more attractive than you already do. Are those crunches not working fast enough for you? Alright, then ignore that tight-fitting shirt. Try something more comfortable and much more flattering such as a blouse with an empire waist.

· Highlight your better assets when you dress. If you have showgirl legs, give those long dresses and skirts to the Salvation Army. You have to work it, girl! Be fierce, but don’t dress like a call girl. You want a man to know you’ll look good on his arm; but you want to be classy, not trashy.

· Are your boobies your best feature? Do they have their own insurance policies? Super – but a man doesn’t need to see the twins until you’re taking a shower together. Until then, head back to that same clothing donation store and get rid of the too-small tank tops. For now, all he gets is a little peek of your cleavage. You have to leave him wanting.

Now you are armed and fully loaded with these two powerful, guy-snaggingattracting tips. What are you waiting for? Attract that man right now!

Source by Tina L. Jones

Investment – How’s, When’s and Where’s

The investment options in its broadest sense can be diversified into:

– Physical assets like real estate, gold/jewellery, commodities etc.

– Financial assets such as fixed deposits with banks, small saving instruments with post offices, insurance/provident/pension fund etc. or securities market related instruments like shares, bonds, debentures etc.

Now,for those of us having investments in the first category wont be reading this solely for the matter that they are much ahead of me in realizing their dream cos the first category of investment requires a fairly large capital to begin with:-(.But, for those for whom the first category is some years away and the second category seems all gibberish with jargon’s imported from the planet MARS, we shall ask MR.IT to help us enciphering the second category.I am not focusing on the first category for the reason i mentioned earlier though,with the realization of the second,we will be moving to first for sure:-)

Now,Financial assets,as they are called are the most popular tools in the market for the sole reason since they allow for comparatively lesser lump sums of investment money and also regular investment.But,they aren’t a piece of cake to understand.Are they?? I am still breaking my head over a lot of them:-) The financial assets can be further d emerged into 1.Debt Instruments 2.Equity & Equity Related Instruments Before we get into the details ,a point worth mentioning which i picked up from a very good   magazine  is that,the indulgence in these two instruments should be on a mixed basis to ensure capital gain as well as security.A generic approach suggests a 25%(debt) and 75%(equity) exposure ,but then these change according to one financial goals,age and obviously various factors which we will come across later.

Debt Instruments::: These are nothing but a glorified form of a savings bank account in more ways than one. The primary being that these are oriented protecting your capital and then, aim to maximize returns. In other words,they are virtually risk free but don’t aim at high returns.Most of these instruments earn a decent 10 odd % on the investment with pros and cons of their own.So,the investors(aren’t we all supposed to be addressed like this) with a low risk-appetite, this is the way to go.I am briefly discussing the few options available:

1.Post Office Savings: Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is a low risk saving instrument, which can be availed through any post office. It provides an interest rate of 8% per year,  which is paid monthly. Minimum amount, which can be invested, is Rs. 1,000/- and additional investment in multiples of 1,000/-.

2.Public Provident Fund: A long term savings instrument with a maturity of 15 years and interest payable at 8% per year compounded annually. A PPF account can be opened through a nationalized bank at anytime during the year and is open all through the year for depositing money. Tax benefits can be availed for the amount invested and interest accrued is tax-free.

3.Fixed Deposits with Banks are also referred to as term deposits and minimum investment period for bank FD is 30 days. Fixed Deposits can be considered for 6-12 months investment period.

This is just and insight into one of the very few commonly used debt instruments,which are available in the markets.Since,this form of investment is not my forte i will not divulging a lot into it.Though,i would love to clarify any doubts if one comes across.Any one willing to put their money in these instruments should take extreme caution and undergo a complete research before opting for any of these.

Source by Ankit Agarwal

The United Kingdom’s Fakenham, Norfolk

Located in the United Kingdom, Fakenham is a little marketing town in Norfolk. This small marketing town is centered between Norwich and Kings Lynn. Voted by the Country Life   Magazine , the town of Fakenham, was recently voted the 7th best place to live in the United Kingdom. Fakenham also boasts a popular Farmers Market, which takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month.

There are three supermarkets to choose from in Fakenham, two on the northeast side of town and the newest store in the Market Square, in Oak Street. Excellent foods and wonderful treats can be found at all locations.

Fakenham is said to be the Northern Gateway to the coast. Fakenham is well positioned as a great stepping point to discover the surrounding areas from. There is plenty to do in this small town for visitors to discover.

The small town has a vast amount of Pubs available to enjoy great food and wonderful drinks. If a visitor is so inclined they can also travel to nearby towns too. Garden houses and Bistrols align the narrow streets and when the outdoors is pleasant the local crowds spill out into the streets with song and dance. Live music fills the streets on the weekends.

Outside of town square of Fakenham is an old gasworks factory, which used to produced and sell gas made from coal during the early and late 1800s. The gasworks is the only surviving works that is intact in England and Wales. There is a museum showing the history of gasworks companies throughout the entire country.

Fakenham a fantastic place to view the countryside and excellent place for bird watching. Fakenham, Norfolk, built a racecourse in 2000 called the Prince Of Wales. This popular racecourse was the site of actual meetings held in the early 1900s. The racecourse has plenty of action occurring all year long.

Source by Simon Haughtone