San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world. It has over 4000 different animals and 800 different species.

San Diego Zoo lies on 100 acres of parkland, that is being leased from the City of San Diego. All the animals, equipment and other assets are owned by the City of San Diego.

The visitors have the great opportunity to see the whole zoo wit the help of the bus, that covers 75 % of the park.

There are different exhibits in the zoo that are designed around particular habitat. The same habitat has different animals that can be also found in real nature. Different exhibits are for example African rain forest, where the gorillas can be found and Arctic tundra in the summertime of course, that is full of polar bears. Also some of the largest aviaries can be found in San Diego Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo also operates the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where the animals have more freedom than in the zoo. Some of the animals are frequently exchanged from these two places.

The sunny, warm sea climate suits many plants and animals. Beside rare animal species also the very rare plants could be found in its arboretum. In the plant section of the San Diego Zoo a lot of food is collected for the animals, for example bamboo for the pandas and eucalyptus trees that are food for the koalas.

The San Diego Zoo offers also the membership and has over 250 000 members. Membership allows them to reenter the San Diego Zoo all year long and also get the subscription to the San Diego Zoo magazine ZooNooz. The Zoo covers the costs with the tickets also it uses part of the income for science and conservation.

San Diego Zoo is also extremely active in conservation and preservation of the species. Its center for Reproduction of endangered Species raises and releases pandas, tigers, Rhinos, condors into the real nature habitat.

The San Diego Zoo also produces the TV Program hosted by Joan Embery. She is a frequent guest in The Tonight Show on CBS.

More details of Encinitas can be found here:

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Gift Tips On This Christmas

When Christmas approaches, gifts are purchased. If you are going to buy some gifts, you need some helpful tips. As a matter of fact, it’s important that you plan and buy the gifts carefully so that you don’t end up spending too much. Instead, follow the tips below so you can get on the right track.

Stick to a Budget

Sticking to a budget is one of the first things that you should do. You can adjust your monthly budget to set aside some money each month for the gifts. It’s also a good idea to set a fixed amount of money for individual gifts. This is the best way of buying all the gifts without overspending. Budgeting is not fun but can help you stay on the track.

When setting a budget, make sure you take into account the expectations of your family members based on the social situations. Another helpful tip is to buy stuff throughout the year to lessen the burden.

Plan Your Gift List

As far as buying Christmas gifts is concerned, planning ahead is a must. As a matter of fact, you can benefit from summer sales as well. If you can do it, make sure you have a list of what you purchased and for whom. It’s also a good idea to do a comparison shopping online. For those who are short on time, online shopping may be the best idea.

With a list, watching for the best deals on different items will be a lot easier. Moreover, the list will make the whole process simpler.

Buy Extra Gifts

Buying unexpected gifts may hurt your budget badly. So, it’s better to buy a few extra gifts that can be give in return of the gifts that you will receive. You can consider gift cards for this purpose or you can go for whatever you think better. However, we suggest that you select different categories for buying these gifts.

Here it’s a wise idea to choose something that you can also enjoy in case you don’t give it to someone on Christmas. If needed, you can send the unused gifts back, but you may want to keep them just to be on the safe side.

Encourage Gift Exchanges

If you want to easy on your gift purchases, you can make a list and then draw names to buy a gift for just one of the people on the list. This can save you a lot. Moreover, it will let you buy a better gift since you can spend a considerable amount of money for one item only.

Give a Gift to Someone in Need

Lastly, it’s a good idea to choose a person who really needs something. For instance, you can give the gift to a kid in a charity. After all, every kid deserves to get a gift. So, this can be a great act of virtue as well. Helping someone can make a great difference in the world.

Long story short, you can consider these tips when going to buy a gift on this Christmas.

Source by Shalini Madhav

The Most Important Step Before You Start An Internet Business

There’s a very simple way to almost ensure that your new Internet Business will be successful before you even start it, – and that’s by doing your homework. It seems an obvious thing to say, but so many fail at the first hurdle by jumping straight in without a correct plan of action. As the saying goes, – ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’.

The common mistake made by budding online entrepreneurs, is creating (or taking stock of) a product and then trying to sell it via their website. Those Internet Marketers who really know the secrets to online success however do the complete opposite; they find a hungry market first and then simply provide them products tailored to their interests. It’s a devastatingly simple concept, but then most of the best and most successful methods usually are!

So what does this homework entail and how do we go about it?

As well as being the biggest marketplace ever seen, the Internet is also the best possible research tool to find out about specific markets. It allows us to go through many different processes to determine the overall popularity of ‘niche markets’, – and the fact that it gives us so many methods in which to undergo market research, means we should get pretty conclusive results.

Wordtracker and Google’s own keyword search.

Check some of the keywords or phrases that relate to your market – see how many people have been using them to search. Ideally you’re looking for upwards of 2000 daily searches for a very popular niche.

Google AdWords Advertisements.

Type in your niche subject into Google and check if there are many people already advertising their products with Google AdWords. These advertisements are listed down the right side of Google’s search results. If you see the same adverts repeated continuously then it’s safe to assume it’s because they work and that the product on offer is selling well.

Google Search Results.

While you’re there check the search results themselves for sheer volume of sites. You’re not necessarily just looking for commercial sites related to your proposed niche, more just websites in general to get an idea of the level of interest.

YouTube Videos.

How many videos are listed when you type in your particular subject, and how many views have the videos received? YouTube is a fabulous research tool; more and more people are searching for and publishing video content all the time. The figures that YouTube attach to each video allow us to see exactly how many people have viewed in a specific time frame.

Groups, Forums, Message Boards, Facebook.

These are places where you find groups of people all interested in the same topic, have a look to see if those catering for your market are a hive of activity. Facebook in particular is gaining in popularity at an astonishing rate; you will get a pretty clear idea of the popularity of your niche by checking out the Facebook groups centred on it.

ClickBank Products.

A huge marketplace of digital products, at the last count well over 50,000 covering all manner of subjects and interests, are there many there that relate to your market?

Printed Books and   Magazines .

Search around Amazon for books that cater for your niche, are there many and is there a lot of feedback or customer reviews for them? What about printed  magazines , a printed  magazine  has to have many advertisers and tens of thousands of readers to fund its very existence.

This is just a brief overview of the research methods you can use, but in general you are looking for big numbers in your searches and a lot of activity within the forums and such like. A mistake often made is to launch products into quiet markets, believing that there won’t be any competition and therefore being able to corner that market easily. The reality is that no competition usually means no interest and no buyers, – so the last thing you want to be doing is going into a niche area that appears to be lacking in interest.

Remember, find the hungry market first and then feed it!

Source by P Johnstone

Why Closet Organizers Could Help You

People accumulate a lot of junk around the house and the problem they often face is that they never have anywhere to store it. It may be that a letter or newspaper that has just been posted through the door and instead of throwing it away, people tend to put it in the nearest drawer to them. This happens with absolutely everything from left over cards to old appliances and it does sometimes get a little out of control.

Adequate storage can be the answer for every household. The great thing is that storage can be used to keep things more organized such as clothes, ironing boards, and absolutely anything else which you have lying around. It gets rid of clutter and it gives your home a sense of balance and calm again. So if you haven’t already, why not think about getting a closet organizer?

Using Closet Organizers and How They Help

A great place for storage is the closet as it can be quite spacious and if organized, it can be tidy too. This is a good idea if you need to use things from the closet all of the time. In order to actually keep the closet tidy, it is a great idea to have closet organizers so that you can easily access things without everything getting in the way.

Closet organizers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and they could even be small shelves which attach onto the wall in the closet to store little things. In fact, shelving is probably one of the most common types of closet organizers but there are other things you can get too to help you out.

Could You Benefit From Using Closet Organizers?

You could benefit from a closet organizer if you have books,   magazines  or even bedding and towels that are constantly all over the place. Also, if you decide to use rods in the closet, they could be used to hang some old clothes and jackets on which will get them out of your wardrobe, clearing new space for new clothes. Practically everybody could do with a closet organizer of some sort!

The items which you use as a closet organizer can come in a different range of sizes so it is always best to get the correct measurements beforehand. If you buy a shelf and it is too big, you can always cut it down to size but if you buy one too small then it will have been a complete waste of money.

So as you can see, closet organizers can really help you to keep everything organized and tidy. They are not overly expensive and they can make everything easy to find as well as keeping things in good condition. It does make sense to purchase one if you do have a lot of clutter lying around the house, and it will also allow you to save more things as it will be extremely space efficient.

Source by Andrew Caxton

Internet Marketing Glossary

The Internet has facilitated the need for an entirely new glossary that deals with all aspects of an online environment. This includes terms related to online marketing.

While this is not a comprehensive list I’d like to take a look at a few terms and try to explain them in lay terms.

SEO – These three letters are the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization. This term represents strategies to develop a website using proven methods to enhance your placement in search engines. Since most people begin looking for something by consulting a search engine it makes sense to work to impress the search engines in order to gain improved traffic to your website.

Blogging – This is a tool that allows business owners and individuals to construct a series of thoughts that can be accessed by web users. The content is generally themed and will also have something to do with your business. Most blogs are located on a social media site, but they can also be placed on your primary business site.

Social Media – This is typically used to describe sites that cater to networking objectives of both individuals and businesses. These sites are typically developed to include a variety of tools in one web application. In most cases there may be groups, friends, blogs, photos and applicable links for visitors to peruse.

RSS – Another abbreviation that stands for Real Simple Syndication. This tool allows web users to more easily locate valued material and have it downloaded to a specific software application that lets them access the information they want without the need of an intensive web search.

PPC – Three more letters that represent Pay Per Click. This is an advertising system that lets you target customers with a very specific interest in the keywords selected by the individual purchasing the ad. These ads show up on sites across the web and can improve your total number of site visitors. Sites that host these ads do so because they receive revenue from every ad ‘click’ generated from their site.

Forums – These are essentially mini town hall meetings. Visitors to a forum can voice opinions and read the opinions of others. In many cases individuals can and do use forums to share information about their businesses. This often happens in a location of a member’s ‘control panel’ called the signature line.

Autoresponders – This tool can allow a more streamlined approach to post purchase marketing, When a customer completes a transaction online autoresponder software allows an immediate reply alerting them that the transaction has been accepted. Autoresponders can also allow you to send additional marketing information and ezines.

Ezines – This is an online version of a   magazine . It has many of the same departments you would expect from a  magazine  and it can be a potent tool in marketing the general ideas and themes of your business.

Hopefully this little list of online marketing terms may help you grasp the potential in online business. I also hope it encourages you to look a little deeper into each of these marketing techniques to leverage improved online performance.

Source by Scott Lindsay

Silver Investment Clubs

Why should you want to buy silver at $15 an ounce when you can wait for silver to go down to $12 an ounce. The simple and realistic answer is the supply of silver decreases with time. Trying to wait for low prices will negatively affect your ability to buy the quantities you want. Buying on a cost average method allows a consistent accumulation of silver.The short term price you pay today will be considered a bargain in the future.

If you could flash forward one year and look at the price you paid for silver today, you will realize that the price you paid last year was a bargain. Making small changes in your spending profile can benefit you greatly. Do you purchase cigarettes on a regular basis? Consider this, once purchased your cigarette purchase is destroyed upon use. You will get a one time value from each cigarette. But to repeat the experience you will have to give away more money. With the regular purchase of silver, whether weekly or monthly, you have a product that lasts year after year after year.

If you take the same amount of money that you spend on pampering yourself and buy silver you increase your real wealth. Forget about that daily cup of gourmet coffer and buy yourself an ounce or two of silver.

Become part of or start a silver investing club. Most silver brokers buy from wholesale sources. Leverage the power of group buying to negotiate purchase rates that are fair and favorable to your silver investment club. Silver brokers work on commission. Do not overlook the power of negotiating. Make sure you have a plan a and an plan b. If your club plans to purchase more than $1000 in a single transaction ask for a discount. If your club purchases $2500 or more in a single transaction ask for a larger discount. Another advantage of a group membership is that you can be more productive with 100 people giving one percent of effort than 1 person giving 100 percent of their effort. Their is strength in numbers.

If there are no clubs in your immediate area then look at the penny saver magazines of surrounding communities. If you have to start your own club run an ad in the local newspaper or penny saver magazine. An example ad would be: Investment club forming. initial investment under $50. Automatic monthly purchases to acquire precious metals. Call telephone xxx-xxxx. Place your ads under the business, financial, and personals section of the penny saver publication. Of course, this technique will work just as well with the local newspaper.

You can also post advertisements in the form of flyers. These flyers can be put on public bulletin boards. Convenience stores, food stores and churches are excellent places to advertise. Just make sure you get permission first. And sometimes you do not need permission.

Look at your bank account and tell me if you are getting a fair return on the money you loan to the bank. If not you need an equalizer to develop you wealth. Using your paper money to acquire real money protects your economic standing. Your best friend when it comes to your finances is you. Be proactive in managing your assets.The systematic acquisition of silver coins can be painless. You have alternatives to starting a silver club. For a more direct and systematic way to own silver consider joining already established silver clubs.

Watch the current trend in owning precious metals. Do what the smart money movers are doing.The possibility of silver prices skyrocketing to three digits may not be far away. Consider this, the fiat currency you have in your savings account is being inflated away on a continuous basis. Acquire real wealth now. Buy silver because the price will surely increase.

Source by Ronald Roberts

All About Better Homes and Gardens

Our home is our own private space.Whether you are building a dream home or just want to add a little spice to your existing house, all you need is a little time. If you have a garden, you can experiment with a lot of plants, colors, themes, fountains and more. Before venturing to discover whether you really have that ‘green thumb’, you need to study a little about garden plans, flowers, lawns, trees & shrubs, herbs & vegetables, house plants, landscaping, regional gardening, container gardens, garden guides, paths, pergolas, seeds, pests, fertilizers etc.

Just go through some planting guides and you will have a fairly good idea. I found the Better Homes and Gardens site offering useful Growing Zone Maps of USA spanning Northeast, South, Midwest, Mountain and Plains, Pacific Northwest, southern California to the Desert Southwest with the ideal locations for growing different plants.

Better Homes and Gardens is a popular   magazine  in the US Published by the Meredith Corporation, the  magazine  focuses on homes, kitchen, gardening, crafts, healthy living, decorating and entertaining. It began its course in 1922 when Edwin Meredith, the United States Secretary of Agriculture under Woodrow Wilson, founded the  magazine . The  magazine  has kept in touch with the pulse of the changing times, and today it also has a website.

The Better Homes and Gardens website is quite interactive and user friendly. The site offers relevant information on topics related to food and recipes, garden, holidays, health and family and crafts. What I personally do not like about the site is, when you open the home page, there is are special offer pop up windows asking you to sign up. But of course, you can just ignore that, close the window and move on to navigate the site.

The website also has a section devoted to Garden Slide Shows. Here, you can view every garden slide show that the  magazine  has ever done. Tools and Guides is another a helpful section in the website. Arrange-a-Deck, Garden Flower Gallery, Garden Newsletter, Plan-a-Garden and Plant Finder are some useful features. The site also has a forum with a number of great sections but it does not appear to be too active.

The Expert Advice section of the Better Homes and Gardens is probably the most useful. You will find experts sharing their opinion on flowers, roses, lawns, pests and problems, trees & shrubs, vegetables & fruit and tips & techniques. If you have a doubt about something, just express it here and you will probably get your answer. The website also provides you with the option of joining the club to avail of weekly updates, weekly recipes, newsletters, home improvement ideas and other offers. If you are looking for seasonal e-cards or interesting desktop items or online gifts you may again stop at this site. Some of these offers are fairly priced while others are comparatively a little high.

Targeted at providing useful information, Better Homes and Gardens is fast becoming a preferred  magazine  in the United States.

Source by Peter Finch

How To Choose Your Online Business Niche?

Despite the best of intentions, many people interested in running their own online business never actually get around to it, and a common excuse is they simply don’t know which niche market to base it around. The answer is simple – each online entrepreneur has their own ideal Internet Business. I’ll explain…

If you’re going to put the effort in to setting up and indeed running an Internet based Business, it would be very wise to centre it on a topic or niche that you have a particular interest in yourself, something that you already spend time on because you enjoy it. The main reason for this is because you will be a lot more enthusiastic about your new venture, you will find it much easier to run and in time expand to a range of products, – and consequently you should make more money.

For example, for my sins I have a long standing interest in the Bull Terrier breed of dog which led to me creating and publishing the ‘Bull Terrier Monthly’ mini-magazine worldwide, in both printed and digitally downloadable formats. Now you may be thinking that is an extreme niche, and you’d be correct it is, – but my point is you don’t need to operate in a fairly general market that has ‘mass’ appeal, you’d be better off in a smaller market that appeals to you and other fanatics. Even in the smaller niche’s, there’s still more than enough interested people worldwide to support a business.

Of course you can make money from a market that you have no particular interest or skill in, but ask yourself this, – ‘Which one of the two businesses would you be most passionate about, which one would you really enjoy getting stuck in to – one that you have a huge fervour for or one that you’re just running for the money?’

I’ve just used a very key word when it comes to planning an Online Business – the word Passion – and it’s one of three words that you should have imprinted on your mind…

Passion, Potential and Profit!!

Think of it like this, you supply the passion to your business, you do your research to check for its potential, and your customers bring you the profits, three very basic but essential things that will help in any business venture.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to do, grab a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side jot down all the various hobbies and interests you have, things that you tend to spend a lot of your free time (and money) on by choice. On the other side write down the skills you have acquired over the years with regards to your employment history, along with qualifications, awards and such like.

Study your sheet of paper very carefully because somewhere on it is the market or subject on which your very own ‘ideal business’ will be built upon. Is there one in specific that jumps out and grabs you, an interest or skill that you’d really love to earn a living from? Remember, it doesn’t need to be a subject that has millions upon millions of potential customers. If it does then fair enough, but don’t worry if you feel your niche is too extreme, do your homework on it first to find out – you’ll probably find your chosen subject isn’t so extreme after all!

If you can narrow your choice down to one particular niche market, and that market covers all of the three previously mentioned ‘P’ words, then you’re well on your way to having a successful Online or Internet based business.

Source by P Johnstone

Language Learning Tips

Since moving to California a few years ago I decided to learn Spanish. Here are some tips that have helped me improve my Spanish.

1. Speak – Don’t be afraid to sound stupid. Speak your target language whenever you get the chance. When I first began learning Spanish I was afraid of being embarrassed when I would speak. I didn’t want to use the wrong word or mispronounce it so I wouldn’t speak at all. As you can imagine my Spanish didn’t improve too much. Since I stopped caring about sounding stupid and just started speaking every chance I get, whether I sound stupid or not, my Spanish has improved dramatically.Do

2. Find a language course that works for you. I tried several courses, most of them didn’t help me learn or bored me to tears. I finally found a few that I love and really worked for me. I find that using a few different courses helps keep me interested and motivated. Everyone learns differently so you need to find the one that works for you and stick with it. I would make sure it has a money back guarantee before buying. I have found that the better programs always offer a money back guarantee.

3. Skip classes with more than 8 students – I have taken courses at the local Junior College but I found they just slowed down my learning. They would start off with 30 students and about half way through the semester would still have about 20 students. You just don’t get enough individual attention from the teacher and not enough actual speaking time.

4. Find a language partner – I live in California and there are many Spanish speaking people that live near me but I couldn’t find any that would speak Spanish with me. I didn’t want to pay for private lessons so I did a search on the internet for language learning partners and found a few good ones that were either free or really cheap. I found many friends to email or text chat. I was specifically looking for someone to voice chat with so it took a little bit longer. I did find a couple of friends and we voice chat with Skype which is free and really clear. This has been the biggest help to improving my Spanish.

5. Find a newspaper in your target language – A newspaper is great because there will usually be a subject in most papers that will interest you. If you find something of interest you will retain more information. Take an article and go through and highlight all the words you don’t know. If it’s most of them that you don’t know, start off with just one paragraph. Take each word you don’t know and learn it. Before you know it you will be highlighting less of your article and understanding more. If there aren’t any newspapers in your target language you can find many of them online. There are also many   magazines  from the language you are learning online. Print out an article and start highlighting.

These are some tips that helped improve my Spanish. I took one tip at a time and found the ones that worked for me. Have fun with them and find the one that helps you learn a new language.

Source by R.J. Dawson

Free Advertising Ideas For Online Business

In today’s economy it is important for every small business to utilize as many free advertising services as they can get their hands on. These ideas should make the advertising process a little easier.

Host a Contest or Event

This will open up new avenues for free advertising. There are many websites out there dedicated to informing people about contests and events that its members might be interested in. Charge a small entry fee to cover the cost of the prizes and you will get traffic from a group of people who might not otherwise find you.

Local Free Advertising

Call up a local newspaper to do a human interest story or business story for your company. Also, submit your own articles to local papers and   magazines  for consideration. This method of free advertising works best for non-metropolitan areas but it never hurts to try. The worst thing a person can tell you is no!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learning SEO techniques is one of the best free advertising techniques. A few tips include using only a couple keyword terms per page, maintaining a .5%-5% keyword density rate, utilizing your meta tags and image tags, creating and submitting XML sitemaps, as well as using keywords in your URL.

Personal Touches

Adding personal touches to your business is a great way to get repeat clientele or a good way to close a sale. Send personalized emails, newsletters about not only your services but also your family or friends, insert gifts with every purchase or even jot a quick thank you note and mail it to tell your customer that they truly matter to you.

Free Article Submission

Submitting SEO rich articles to article submission sites can be a great way to advertise your website or services. Do not, however, submit the same articles that are on your website. Search engines penalize duplicate content. Instead you should rewrite a few of your articles first.

Link Building

The more inbound, one-way links your website has the higher it will rank in search engines. These inbound links work best if the websites linking to you are relevant to your main focus. These links are the only ones that search giant Google recognizes. To build links you can post blogs or guest blog for someone, submit articles and press releases for syndication, email webmasters, post in forums and comment on blogs. Remember that these links are not only for the search engines, they can also drive legitimate traffic.

Free Classified Advertising

Submitting a well worded link into a free classified can return decent traffic. Describe your website in an intriguing way and curious people will click your link.

Social Networking

Websites like MySpace and Facebook can be great sites to advertise through. You can build a website just for your business and advertise directly to your “friends”. My personal technique for acquiring friends involves seeking out groups with an interest in my topic and requesting friend adds from those members. If you only request 20 -40 friends a day you will not likely be marked as spam. The key to getting friends is to type up a seemingly personal message without any links;

“Hi, I noticed you are a chef. My website is running a recipe contest. You should check it out!”

I’ve found that notes like this in a friend request results in about 1 of every 3 people I approach adding me as a friend. Once your friend list is established you can blog, email or post bulletins about your business.

Social Bookmarking

A new trend in online advertising involves social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. See for your own social bookmarking button. It is now (practically) mandatory for all websites to allow for social bookmarking. If you have viral content on your website it can really pay off.

Viral Videos

Diet coke and mentos, exploding bathtubs, and bikes playing Guitar Hero are a few themes of viral videos made for close to nothing. If you have a video camera it is worth a shot to try to post a viral video on YouTube. Of course this is no easy task. It is impossible to tell what will become viral. Other video options involve posting information relevant to your site. You can make a simple slideshow with music and text with Microsoft MovieMaker. Place a link to your site on your videos and in your profile. Over time you should reap results.

Free Alternate Directory Submissions

There are many online directories aimed at specific interests. These directories look to help consumers find the best websites and information available. To find these directories simply search a relevant term and “directory”.

Source by Heather Rutherfordstone