Caring For Your Toy Poodle During Summer

Summer is a great time for you and your family and even your Toy Poodle to go out and have fun under the sun. There are lots of activities you can do to make summer with your dog a memorable one. You and your proud Toy Poodle can conquer the woods together or chill in a family park nearby. Your dog will also love to spend a day with you in the beach – running along the shore as his paws enjoy the coolness of the seawater.

But don’t get too excited with the summer fun and overlook your pet’s need for protection against the extreme heat of the mighty sun. Temperatures can rise so high and can be very dangerous for your pet, especially your Toy Poodle because of his thick coat. Before you go out to face the day, it is better to plan the activity. Think of your dog’s condition and if he can join the activity without having to risk his health. Better do your activities early in morning or late in the afternoon since temperature is not very high during these times.

Prevent your dog from being dehydrated by giving him enough clean water to drink. For easy access, place at least two water bowls in the house. If you will be going out, take drinking water enough to last until the end of your activity. Take his favorite water bowl too! Remember, never leave your dog in the car during summer. Temperature inside the car can soar very high and can even kill your dog if you leave him there too long. Even if the window is open the air is not enough to cool the car down and chances are your dog might get out of the car through the open window. Getting a swimming pool is another option to make summer fun and cool for your dog. Your dog may not be a great swimmer like the Labrador but surely he would love to walk and lie down in the water to cool down.

In extreme heat, better set aside your outdoor fun for the moment. Do something entertaining indoors and keep the air conditioner on. It’s a better way to spend the day!

Source by Richard Cussons