A Balanced and Nutritious Dog Diet

From centuries dogs have been the man’s best friends. Whether they are serving us at the military camps, police headquarters, our homes or other places, dogs have been serving human beings like no other can do. They have been helping us, protecting us and entertaining us. When some pet do so much for us, it then indeed deserves some special treatment. And when we talk about giving our dogs some thing special the key fact that strikes our mind is the Dog Diet. Gone are the days when the dogs were fed with the human left overs. Today there is a great range of variety that is available with the Dog Food as it is available with the human cuisine. All you have to do is make a proper selection for the dog food and serve it with the best food stuff available. When you have to prepare a diet chart for your dog there are a few things that you need to take care of.

When you have got a pet dog at your home, irrespective of its breed you have to be very careful in selecting the proper dog food so as to keep it healthy and strong. Your dog needs to be fed with a diet that has balanced nutritional value. Make sure that your dog diet doesn’t become deficient with essential nutrients.

One thing you need to make clear is that dogs are carnivorous and feeding them with the vegetarian diet only is not a good option. Make sure you make a good blend of both to serve your dog a good diet. Ensure that the Dog Diet has ample amount of protein in it. If you are feeding your dog with canned food make sure that the first ingredient is meat. Take a look at the nutrition label before purchasing a canned food for your dog. But never completely rely over the canned food for your dog.

Some veterinarians and animal nutritionists would advocate bone and raw food (BARF) diet. This type of Dog food is supposed to increase the dog’s longevity and flexibility. When you are feeding your dog with meat but what kind of meat is good for your dog? Some nutritionists would advise to limit the proportion of red meat in Dogs Diet. This made people supply their dogs with lean meat like chicken.

Most importantly feeding your dog in proper proportions is quite necessary because when you are over feeding you dog it will lead to obesity and certain other health problems. An inadequate diet can lead to joint and bone problems. So ensuring a proper Dog Diet proportion is very crucial in making your dog healthier.

Source by John J Cade