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Alaska Ski Vacations – Is Alaska The Best Skiing Spot In The World?

The word Alaska brings to mind a sense of vastness and sheer open spaces, while being recognizing as a natural source of awe and mystery – plus being one of the best skiing spots in the world. Considered by some as one of the finest four season family resorts, the Alyeska Prince Hotel and Ski Resort – located 35 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska – has a top elevation of 2,751 feet with a 2,501 vertical drop. Alaska has some of the best skiing in the world, yet at the Alyeska Resort we do not find overly crowded slopes with long lift lines. To accommodate for the large number of skiers, there are nine lifts, which includes six chair lifts, two surface lifts, and one cable car line. There are 68 trails for beginners, intermediates, and experts, with the majority of the trails designed for intermediate skiers.

Nighttime skiing is allowed, which helps to make the ski experience more adventurous and thrilling. Exciting views such as the snow-capped mountains, hanging glaciers, and of course, the famous Northern Lights can be seen during this time. Skiing   Magazine  ranks this resort number nine of the top 25 killer ski trips. Every year, this skiing winter wonderland receives about 631 inches of snow, warming the hearts of the world’s skiers who enjoy traveling to Alaska. Once a person stays at the Alyeska Prince Hotel, there never will be a doubt this is the place to stay for the utmost Alaska ski vacations!

The ultimate enjoyment of their elegant rooms and exquisite dining, combined with popular nightly entertainment, shows the Alaska ski resorts are the perfect places to vacation, where you can not only ski but also enjoy the last of our country’s great frontiers. At the Alyeska Resort, the perfect winter vacation can be experienced when spirited outdoor skiers brave the elements, then return to the Alyeska Hotel for some old-fashioned, home-style pampering. Get a taste of what Alaska is really about and what serious skiing is! There are enjoyable activities for the entire family, from grandma and grandpa on down to tiny tots, with many area sights and attractions to be seen. If you decide to “go out on the town” while touring the area, several nightlife spots are just as fun and enjoyable, but are not associated with the Alyeska Price Hotel.

Mid-November is when the skiing season begins at the Alyeska Resort, running until mid-April. This area encompasses the longest daytime hours in the United States, having sixteen hours of daylight each day in the month of April. During December, however, there is only seven hours of daylight, which means there is more time for night skiing. If skiing is something that doesn’t interest you, then tubing may. The Glacier Tubing Park features two lanes of terrain, with a surface lift – everyone in the family will enjoy spending time here. Also is the Alyeska Terrain Park, an absolute must for snowboarding enthusiasts.

Other winter activities that can be enjoyed in and around the Alyeska Resort include flight seeing, helisking, ocean cruising tours, dog sledding, ice climbing, back country skiing, mountaineering, and polar bear viewing. If none of these winter activities appeal to you, sit back and relax at the Alyeska Resort, and enjoy the peace and quiet while everyone is out doing winter activities!

Source by Mike Singh

Soap News – Making Homemade Soap

If you are interested in making your own natural, homemade, goat milk soap then you should keep up with the best techniques, classes, demonstrations, community events, workshops and more. Where can you find all of this information? Look in   magazines , newspapers, newsletters, community papers, local schools and more. You can find an abundance of soap making information to help you achieve your goals!

Find details of important dates, times and locations of events occurring within the southeast USA. You can learn lots of information by attending soaping events and meet new friends too! Discover the difference between goat milk soap and regular commercial soap. You may meet a master soap maker who can help guide you with, detailed, instructions. You can learn how to make soap!

Find community events in the southeast USA or anywhere near your location. Whether it is a Fall Festival, Farm Festival, Goat Festival or Holiday celebration, stay current with dates, times and locations. Many of these events have free admission, so be sure to take advantage of these fun, entertaining and educational opportunities. Community events are enjoyable for the entire family! You can find an abundance of homemade crafts available at these events.

You may find articles, on-line, that are very informative and contain a variety of topics. Making homemade soap involves knowing how to begin, the supplies to use, the proper soap making oils, homemade soap recipes, and more. You may even find a DVD with, step-by-step, soap making instructions, taught by a master soap maker!

It is important to stay current when making homemade soap. Look for current and updated information. Find news and information regarding classes, workshops, demonstrations, activities, community events and more! Making homemade soap can be a challenge! When you keep up with news, events and articles, you can achieve soap making success and meet new friends too!

Source by Susan Katchur