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Ways To Bring More Traffic To Your Website

The ultimate goal of Bringing more traffic to your website is to make money online.

We classify the website promotion strategies into four ways.

 Online Advertising.(which involves continuous running cost)

 Online Promotion

 Offline Advertising. (which involves running Cost)

 Offline Promotion.

Online Advertising:

1. The Fastest Way to reach online audience is through Online Advertising. Google AdWords is the best Pay-Per-click Engine which brings targeted audience to your website efficiently. Webmaster has to identify the niche area his website belongs to and has to bid on the keywords to get traffic.

2. Banner Advertising is the other way of getting traffic to your website. Try to create good looking banners and promote them in related websites on CPM basis.

3. If one has to save the cost and doesn’t want exceed his budget, can go for flat fee based banner Advertising. Some of sites charge a daily fee, weekly fee, and monthly fee for various sizes of Banner Ads. One such third Party Service is Provided by Adbrite.

4. Instead of having Static Images as banners try to provide more animated or Flashy Ads which makes drag the attention of people to your ads.

5. Try the Context sensitive Textual ads from Google AdWords which can have a greater CTR.

6. Visualizations can provide a complete understanding of your website in a short span of time. Try to develop video ads for your website and promote them with Google Adwords.

7. If You are trying to sell a product , then advertise with Product promoting Engines like chikita which can reduce your cost.

8. Really Simple syndication (Rss) is the new way of advertising and promoting your website. One can advertise their website with help of feeding vendors like feed burner or feedster .

9. One visits a website to explore good content needed for him, not for the advertisements Or the banners. So he can easily shift his attention.

From banners and advertisements. Instead of Providing them with separate links, banners, Images, try to advertise u r links directly embedded into the content which

can bring great traffic.

10. Advertise on search engines for a flat fee. (sites like provide this facility)

11. Promoting your website by Pop-ups, Pop under ads.

12. Advertising your website as content in other content related websites.

13. If your website is marketing a product or a service, then u can start affiliate programs to make more sales and traffic.

14. Investing in optimizing your website to have a good traffic from search engine.

15. Some high Ranked websites can also provide a link to your website on a monthly basis for large fee (Highly useful in Link Building Campaign)

Online Promotion :

1. The best way for your website to generate traffic exponentially and regularly by optimizing your website for search engines. Almost 70% of the today’s search engine

Traffic is generated by Google. More number of people reach their desired website only by search engines. If you can optimize your website for search engines, U can be assured of regular traffic.Optimization involves Many steps. But the preferential step to make your website popular is link building in almost all the search engines. Popularity factor differs between different search engines.

In a short way we can say that your website will be the most populous if many other websites have a link to your website.

2. Promote your website by Newsletters and e-mail campaigns.

3. Promote your website by social networking websites like myspace.

4. If you are a good expert on some topic, U can improve the traffic by answering various queries in various forums.

5. You can also put a link next to your response in forums which can help in link building campaign.

6. Promote by writing various articles related to your website and submit them to free e-zines which can result in traffic and link building campaigns for your website.

7. Submit your website to free online directories.

8. Submit your website to Most populous directories on the web like Yahoo, Dmoz, Botw(best of the web) which can help your website in ranking as well as bringing

small traffic.(Dmoz is free, Yahoo , botw requires annual fee).

9. Join in some of the webring companies to improve search engine traffic. A webring in general is a collection of websites from around the Internet joined together in a circular structure. When used to improve search engine rankings, webrings can be considered a search engine optimization technique.


10. Post about your website in the some of the groups like yahoo groups, Google Groups, Msn Groups.

11. Improve the SEO BY creating pages of your website on, squidoo ,wordpress e.t.c

12. If your site is a media site , Post some of the graphics, Pictures on Photo sharing Websites like flickr.

13. You can also promote your website by creating information videos and submitting them to social networking websites like

14. By Providing some sweepstakes, freebies one can also get good traffic to his website.

15. Design a toolbar with some goodies and make it available to download for the users visiting your website.

16. One can bring huge amount of links to his website by developing some themes, tools, Plug-ins for the webmasters.

17. Write Some e-books on the topic that interests you, and is of immensely helpful to people . By having a link on the e-book to your website can improve traffic.

18. Inform your friends, family and co-workers about u r website through e-mail.

19. Provide some contests on your website which can get u recurring visitors .

20. Make u r website user friendly and a way to express their feelings about ur website by comments, Polls, feedback e.t.c

21. Having your website link in your e-mail signature can also improve the traffic.

22. Participating in some traffic exchange programs can also bring some traffic. This is not a good way of generating traffic as it violates many policies to earn income from your website.

23. Announcing the launch of your website in various news portals, Online   Magazines  e.t.c

24. Providing Highly demanding content for the users freely by asking them to refer their friends and family called as viral Marketing.

Offline Advertising

1. Advertise about your website in newspapers classifieds sections.

2. Advertise about your website in your regional and local news papers.

3. Promoting your website in local radio stations.

4. Prepare an good looking funny ad about your website and advertise in the television channels.

5. Distribute T-shirts having your website name freely.

6. Conduct some contests on your website name.

7. Announcing your website through brochures, Pamphlets.

8. Advertising about your website through wall posters in Platforms, Bus Stations, and some public areas.

9. Even having your website name in your visiting card is also a way of promoting your website.

10. Promoting your website in Hugely employee oriented companies.

Source by Parveen Kumar Devatha

Healthy Homemade Dog Foods – Keep Your Dog Living Longer, Healthier and Happier!

What if I told you that the food you are feeding your dog may actually cut his lifespan by years? It is true and in this article I will explain a little about why I say that.

Your dog is totally dependent on you and what you decide to feed him. As dog owners we buy dog food thinking we are doing what is best. We are totally unaware of the health danger that we are exposing our dog to. It takes a lot more than just hearing a commercial or reading an ad in a   magazine . Dog Food manufacturers actually try to mislead us.

Remember, they are in the business of making dog food for profit. Unfortunately, our pets suffer for it. The additives and the ingredients used to make these dog foods are unhealthy and toxic for our dogs. The fact is that even if the name sounds like it may be a good choice, it most likely isn’t.

Many of the illnesses that we are suffering with today are directly related to the food we eat. The same thing holds true for our dogs. The manufactured food is far less healthy than you may think.

Besides the adding of a bunch of ‘fillers’ that have no nutritional value, there are several other ingredients that are truly killing your dog. If you have ever read the words ‘meat bi-product’ on a label you may not have been aware of what these words meant.

What a meat ‘bi-product’ is, is all the stuff left over from an animal meat source that is deemed unsuitable for humans. It is unsuitable because it is unhealthy. Why would you want to feed this to your dog? These bi products consist of the bones, organs, blood, fatty tissue and intestines. Who knows what these animals were fed or were exposed to. You can bet anything and everything is in these bi-products. Any toxins, pesticides or pharmaceuticals that these animals have been exposed to will then be ingested by your beloved pet.

To be sure that your dog is getting all the proper nutrition, you may want to try healthy homemade dog foods. The recipes you can find are simple and will most likely change your dog in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined. You will not only be giving food that is healthy, you will be extending the life and the quality of it for years to come!

Source by J. M. Winslow

It’s Official, The Tablet Computer War Is On!

Move over Apple – Make room for a new player and new Tablet Computers to rival the iPad.

Last week, RIM announced the new Blackberry Playbook including a brand new OS built for web browsing, multimedia and more.

Following the breakthrough of e-readers and e-books, as reported in Decisive   Magazine , tablet computers are generating more buzz than any other gadgets during 2010.

Just like the iPad, The Blackberry Playbook features a 7″ screen and the device is expected to be available in in the United States in early 2011. Pre-orders will be taken for the Christmas season. Because the Blackberry brand holds a stronger brand stake for e-mail functionality than any other company in the category, their venture into tablet computers must be taken seriously.

The Playbook comes loaded with a 1 GHz dual-core processor and a new Tablet OS which supports true symmetric multiprocessing.It includes dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing that can both record HD video at the same time, and an HDMI-out port for presenting one’s creations on external displays.

The OS is fully POSIX compliant enabling easy portability of C-based code, supports Open GL for 2D and 3D graphics intensive applications like gaming, and will run applications built in Adobe Mobile AIR as well as the new Blackberry WebWorks app platform announced today (which will allow apps to be written to run on Blackberry Playbook tablets as well as Blackberry smartphones with Blackberry 6).

Giants such as Dell, ASUS and Acer have already announced a line-up of tablets to fight for the market share.

Source by James Coleman Taylor

Home Schooling Numbers Increase Steadily

More families each year are taking their children out of public schools and home schooling them instead because the parents believe that their children can learn better and faster without the many distractions and negative influences that are part of the package with public school environments.

Even though it is often viewed by those in the mainstream as revolutionary or eccentric, the trend toward home schooling is growing and is gaining in popularity and respectability and is winning over an increasing number of supporters.

According to researchers who study such trends, the numbers of home schoolers in the U.S. has swelled considerably, growing from approximately 15,000 back in 1970 to over 500,000 by 1990, and estimated at over 1.1 million as of 2003.

A good indication of the interest and strength of the home schooling movement the number of support organizations that are in a particular country. The United States has long had a good variety of support groups and the increase in such groups from other areas of the world such as Europe, Australia and Asia.

To many, there are persistent questions such as: why are so many parents are choosing to teach their children at home rather than in traditional settings? How effective can home schooling really be?

Will my children be prepared for college? Can they gain the social skills they need without the interactions that are part of traditional schooling?

It is interesting to consider that while some people think about home schooling as radical, rebellious, or even extremist, the reality is that home schooling was the original system of education for centuries all around the globe.

The fact is that it was not until the last century that children started school so young as they do now. Typically, most of the children who did go to school started going at age twelve or later.

Many notable people from American history were educated in their homes and at their hearths, such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and even Albert Einstein.

The fact of the matter is that school attendance did not become compulsory until in the United States until the later part of the 19th century, and in light of that, home schooling really isn’t just a recent fad, but actually the old educational standard.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, estimates are that anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of homeschooling families choose it for religious reasons, primarily because of the desire to protect their children from atheistic influences in public schools.

And, according to an article in Time   magazine , the very backbone of the movement toward home schooling education practices is the Christian Fundamentalist community that strongly believes that religion is either ignored or debased in public classroom settings.

However, some parents have stated that their reasoning for removing their students from public education is in order to limit their exposure to damaging and immoral influences during their early years.

Still, other families decide to go the home schooling route primarily for educational reasons. Many are discontented with the overcrowding of classrooms, the low academic standards, and the many safety concerns rampant in many public schools.

It’s really not so important why parents end up deciding on home schooling for their children because the major benefits, in the eyes of many parents, is that they are able to have much greater involvement in their children’s lives and they remain influential role models during a time when it matters the most.

Source by Mike Ramidden