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Power Copywriting for Internet Marketing – Part I

Copywriting is the science of writing advertisements. Obviously this is a skill you need to master if you’re going to make it big in internet marketing. People read off-line ads differently than they read something less commercial, say an article their interested in.

But on the Internet, people read very differently–often just barely skimming their way along! You’ve got to understand how we read on the Internet, and adjust your sales copy to fit. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Let’s say we go to the bookstore and buy a magazine about some non-commercial subject we’re interested in. By non-commercial, I mean we’re buying something to read for pleasure, or to learn about something we’re passionate about. For lack of a better topic, let’s say we buy a magazine about fish breeding. (Just in case you actually know something about breeding fish, I don’t. I’m just making this up! But I do know about copywriting–that part I’m not making up!)

Okay, we find an article about the mating habits of a very rare sub-species of guppy. (That’s the only fish I know about because my kids have them–so, again, bare with me.)

What do we do next? Well, buy the magazine, take it home, fix a nice cup of tea and then settle down into our favorite chair or curl up on the couch and really enjoy reading every single delicious word of our guppy article. My point is, when you’re reading something you’re really interested in, how do you read it?

You read it more slowly! You savor it. Maybe even re-read some sentences to make sure you understand, or just to enjoy them again.

That’s not how people read ads!

Who wants to read an ad, other than people like me who write them as a part of their business? Nobody likes ads. No one likes to be sold to.

I mean why not go to your local car dealership and listen to the salesman try to sell you a car just for fun. (Actually, my dad was a salesman, and when I was a kid, we did just that. But that’s another story for another article!)

Ads, even for things you’re interested in and know you might want to buy are at best interruptions!

Put this stuff on the Internet and it gets worse.

When you read anything on the Internet there are so many distractions. This is even more true when you’re reading something you don’t really want to read–like a sales letter.

So, we have to adjust our writing even more on the Internet, than we have to in print. Now that I’ve explained why you have to do this, to actually learn how to do it, read Part II of this article.

Source by Lee Cole

A Contemporary Cocktail Table For Your Contemporary Room

When you are decorating your home, you will have to be sure that the styles of furniture that you use are in the same style. For instance, if you are decorating with a contemporary look in your room, you should make sure that you are looking at a contemporary cocktail table.

To get some ideas for your home, you should look in some of the decorating   magazines . There you will find some unique ideas for your home that you can easily do on your home. Decorating can be a slow process if you are taking your time to make sure that you find all the right elements to the room. There are also a number of television shows that you can watch to give you some ideas about the look of your rooms. When you look at these shows and  magazines  for advice, you will find that it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to get a great look in a room.

You might even be able to find a contemporary cocktail table in a thrift shop or online for a very reasonable price. This will allow you to get a great room on a budget if you take your time when shopping. You might have to do some refinishing to the table if it is in rough shape, but this will also allow you to create the exact look on the table that you want for your home.

A contemporary cocktail table can create a whole new look to your room. You can actually change the entire look starting with the table. Look for a modern look in your furnishings, art and the fabrics that are used in the room. Once you have decided on a contemporary design, there is nothing you can’t do with the rest of the room.

Source by Blake Allen

Hawaii Curbs Gun Violence

According to the Violence Policy Center (VPC), The Aloha state has fewer deaths by gunfire per 100,000 residents than any other state. The VPC attributes this to a no-nonsense attitude by state officials concerning the purchase, registration, licensing, transportation and use of all types of firearms.

VPC statistics show that in Hawaii, household gun ownership is estimated at 9.7 percent, lower than any other state. The reduced number of guns translates directly into a gunfire death rate of only 2.2 per 100,000 residents. Stated differently, fewer guns on the street mean fewer people being killed by gunfire every year.

This conclusion is contrary to the position of the National Rifle Association (NRA) which has for years contended that more, not fewer, guns should be in circulation to “ensure the safety of law-abiding citizens.”

The most dangerous state is Louisiana, where an estimated 45.6 percent of households have at least one firearm. The death rate there per 100,000 is an astounding 19.04-almost ten times higher than the rate in Hawaii. Other states with high rates of gun ownership and corresponding high gunfire death rates include Alaska, Montana, Tennessee and Alabama.

Virginia (my state) ranks somewhere near the middle, with a household firearm ownership rate of 35.9 percent, and a gunfire death rate of 11.7 per 100,000. Still, that is five times more than the islands that make up the state of Hawaii.

Rules concerning firearms in Hawaii are strict. According to the Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV), they include:

• No person may carry a concealed or unconcealed pistol or revolver without a license to do so; however, permits for concealed weapons are rarely approved.
• Hawaii has no provisions allowing concealed weapons permit holders from other states to carry concealed firearms. This includes police officers from other states who are in Hawaii on official business.
• Persons who wish to purchase firearms must apply for a permit from the county chief of police, who “enforces the federal purchaser prohibitions.” Then 14 days later the purchaser can pick up the gun.
  Magazines  of 10 rounds or more are banned.
• Assault rifles and assault pistols are banned.
• No person shall be issued a permit for the acquisition of a pistol or revolver unless the person has completed a six-hour firearms safety training course.
• All firearms and ammunition must be registered with the chief of police of the county where the gun owner resides.
• It is unlawful to possess or carry a loaded firearm on any public highway without a permit to carry.
• When firearms are sold, even privately, the transferor is required to provide the name of the person to whom the firearm was transferred and a description of the firearm to the chief of police via registered mail within 48 hours.
• A gun owner is guilty of “criminally negligent storage of a firearm” if he or she keeps it where a minor is likely to have access to it.
• All gun licenses must be renewed annually.
• During a national emergency, all firearms held by dealers may be seized and held in possession by the state.

When asked about the VPA report and accompanying statistics, Maxwell Cooper, legislative co-chairman for the Hawaii Rifle Association (loosely affiliated with the NRA), told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, “I think that VPC has juggled the statistics to support themselves.” He added that, in his opinion, “Strict laws have no relationship to criminal abuse of firearms because criminals don’t respond to laws.”

Still, visitors to Hawaii as well as residents have little to fear from gun violence. Thoughtful citizens can attribute that to whatever they wish.

Source by Gary Jacobsen

Best Celebrity Hair Styles for Your Face – Part 4 of 6

Looking for a new hair style can be very time consuming. There are many different options to find what you are looking for.

Make sure you keep in mind your face shape when you are looking at hair styles. If you see a celebrity with a heart-shaped face and a hair style that you like, you will need to evaluate whether your face shape will go well with the hair style.

Below are some resources that you can use to find a new, flattering hair style.

  1. Magazines. Many women’s magazines feature popular hair styles and do features on various hair issues. Some of the more common magazines that show hair styles include: Allure, Glamour, In Style, People, Redbook, and Sophisticate’s Hairstyles. If you do not want to spend money buying these magazines, you can sometimes check them out at the library, or even go to the library to read them. If you find a style you like, you can just make a copy of it at the library and take it to your hair stylist.
  2. Ask your hair stylist. Sometimes you can schedule a consultation and ask your hair stylist what he or she thinks would be best for your face shape. Then you can go home, think about it, and schedule an appointment to get your hair cut. There may be a small charge for consultation, but in the end it may be a worthwhile expense.
  3. Search online. There are many sites online that provide photo examples of different hair style today.

    Here are some of the top hair style sites:

When you are searching online and find a hair style that you like, you can usually place your cursor over the photo and right-click it and a menu will show up. Scroll down to Print Photo, so that you have a copy for your records.

There are many proactive hair stylists that will even have a computer near their workstation so that you can look up different hair styles for reference during your appointment. It is best to be prepared with your own copies of photos in case your stylist does not have access to a computer.

Try to find 2 -3 examples of hair styles that you like. Write down what you like about each hair style. Always take a copy of the hair style photo in to your hair stylist when you get your hair cut, so that he/she will have an example of the hair style that you like.

Always remember that a good hair stylist will give you an honest opinion about the hair style you have chosen. He or she may tell you that with your face shape certain features of the hair style you have selected will not look good, or will not look like the person in the photo. If this is the case, discuss how you can incorporate certain features that you like into your hair style so that they flatter your face shape and image.

Stay tuned for Best Celebrity Hair Styles for Your Face – Part 5 of 6–Should you get bangs?

Source by Perriann Rodriguez

German Shepherd Dogs – The Best In The World?

The personality of the German Shepherd (or Alsatian) is one of the biggest reasons why they are so popular – for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. Since they make great police and military dogs, some people rush to get the dog thinking it will make a vicious guard animal. The dog is so eager to please, that it can be easily taught to attack. But the animal is not a vicious animal by nature – they are just doing what they’ve been taught to do.

People who get German Shepherd dogs for the right reasons also keep the dogs’s personality in mind. They are serious, active, highly intelligent dogs that need a job to do in order to stay calm and healthy. If they are trained to do anything (good or bad) and are rewarded for learning this, they will keep on doing the behavior. However, if you are patient and persistent, the dogs are intelligent enough to unlearn a behavior.

Shepherd dogs worship the human beings they either live with or are ordered to protect. They would rather hang out with their people than with other dogs. The approval and affection of their people is vital to their sense of well-being. These are not dogs that like to be alone, chained out in the yard. Any dog left to this fate will overcompensate with hyperactivity in order to get his people’s attention. Since they are such large and powerful dogs, even playful boisterousness can possibly hurt someone.

Shepherds excel when given specific jobs to do. This is why they are often one of the first breeds of choice for police dogs, search and rescue dogs, assistance dogs and for working in entertainment. Throughout the centuries, they have also played the roles of sheepherders and draft animals as well as their more familiar roles as guard dogs and military dogs.

The German Shepherd dog has been described as embodying all of the noble characteristics of human beings. They are problem solvers, want to get along with others and will sacrifice themselves when protecting their family. they will still want to be your friend even if you are having a bad day. Shepherds will still want to be by your side even if you are homeless and spat upon by other people.

The breed is prone to some health problems, more so than some other breeds, most notably hip dysplasia. These can be costly to cure – but they can be cured. When you take on a Shepherd, you must be willing to care for vet expenses. This is not often talked about in German Shepherd information available from the AKC. The price of a dog companionship should never be measured in terms of money. The dog, if the situation was reversed, would spend every last penny to make sure you were out of pain.

Source by Jan Ryan