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Mastiff Dogs – The Brazilian Way

A very unusual combination, the Brazilian Mastiff is in fact a mastiff/bloodhound mix. They have traits of both breeds; including the famed sense of smell bloodhounds are so well known for. They also have the protectiveness and gentleness with children so common in mastiffs. Hailing from Brazil, they are known (in Portuguese) as Fila Brasileiro. Formerly employed as guards for plantations, they found their way to North America with conquistadors.

This is a large breed, adults weigh in at sometimes over 100 pounds, and standing as tall as 2 feet. They have a face and neck reminiscent of a bloodhound, and fur in colors from tan to black, even yellow, with brindled dogs being most highly prized.

Gentle like most mastiffs, they are capable of aggression when called for. Excellent guard dogs, they are nonetheless very good with children. They are also famed for their loyalty.

They are often used as hunting dogs, having inherited the good hunting instincts from the bloodhound part of their lineage. They are especially good at locating, then immobilizing prey; the word “Fila” in their name is the Portuguese for “hold”.

More athletic than most mastiffs (another bloodhound trait) and less prone to the obesity which can plague the mastiff breed, they are healthy dogs. They get their protectiveness from the mastiff in their lineage.

More than most other varieties, Brazilian Mastiffs are not at all fond of strangers. The only sure way to get on a Brazilian Mastiffs good side, it seems, is to spend a lot of time with them as puppies if you want them to remember and show that famed protectiveness towards you.

They will attack without permission so it is wise to hide him if strangers plan on staying as guests. Even the best of the best Brazilian mastiffs, the show quality, can become aggressive towards the judges. That is a scary thought. Imagine being attacked as a show dog judge? I think that I would keep the working dog category out of my choice of judging. That is to say the least.

When you’re picking out a Brazilian Mastiff puppy, be picky about where you buy it. Make very sure that your dealer is honest and reputable. You would do well to gather references ahead of time. This way, you can make sure the new member of your family comes from a good place.

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