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The Polish Boy: A Cleveland Superfood

It is unfathomable that you have never heard of LeBron James and the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Superman, yes, (the original Superman), the mistake on the Lake, the fumble, the shot… OK, now I’m getting negative. Well anyway, one thing you have probably never heard of that Cleveland is famous for is the “Polish Boy”.

No, it’s not a boy band from Eastern Europe. A “Polish Boy” is a sausage sandwich, usually made with smoked char-grilled Kielbasa stuffed into a giant hotdog roll and drowned in a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, covered with French Fries, and cool creamy Coleslaw.

Trust me, it’s good…

Even Esquire Magazine has fallen under its spell, by dubbing it “soul on white”… as in white bread. And Wendy Williams has even paid homage to its majesty on her name sake show.

As popular as Polish Boys are in town, depending on where in town you are, they can be a little hard to find. When I was a kid, we used to get them on our way to the Cleveland Indians games from the various sidewalk vendors downtown by the stadium. Nowadays, your best bet is “Seti’s”, which is a food truck that’s usually parked at Dean Supply, a restaurant supply in town of Woodland Ave. Additionally, most Soul Food restaurants like B&M’s and Hot Sauce Williams will have the original and they also make their own twist on the classic.

I know you’re probably thinking, “If they are so good, how come I haven’t heard of Polish Boys?

Well, unlike other American cities known as food destinations with favorites like:

Philly Cheese steaks (Philadelphia), Po ‘Boys from Nawlins’ (New Orleans), or even Pink’s Hot dogs in Los Angeles. Like most everything else from Cleveland, there is very little fanfare and respect for the greatness abound. But those that know come and enjoy a great treat, while snobs and the un-sophisticated miss out. Just remember, don’t forget napkins… lots of napkins!

Feeling adventurous? Bring a little Cleveland into your home and try to make your own sandwich?

Below are the basic ingredients and instructions for about 4 sandwiches:

You will need:

* 2 lbs. of potatoes, split cut, washed and peeled, fried in Canola oil and Salt

* 4 smoked beef kielbasa links boiled. (Optional): quickly deep fry them after boiling

* 4 white bread hoagie rolls

* Coleslaw (either store bought or homemade)

* BBQ Sauce: (Optional) Using hot sauce will make it authentic.

Oh yeah again, don’t forget about the napkins…

Source by Rahman Colson

Ten Little Known Facts About Cats

While cats are counted as the most-owned pet in the U.S., dogs still receive more attention from their owners. This might be attributed to the fact that most people don’t know very much about cats and thus, have no idea what kind of attention they need. Cats are regarded as aloof and independent and so, require less attention. Cats can take care of themselves in ways dogs cannot, but this does not mean they prefer to be left alone.

  1. They need as much attention as dogs. Cats are emotionally sensitive and need companionship, too. If we ignore them, they learn to be aloof, but they’d rather be affectionate.
  2. Cats can be trained to do many things, including walk on a leash, “speak,” beg, sit, lie down, etc. It just takes different training methods and lots of patience.
  3. The average lifespan is about 15 years, but it can be much longer with good care. A stray might manage to survive two years in harsh surroundings, but a well-cared-for pet cat can easily attain 20 years.
  4. Fossil records have shown that cats have been around for more than 35 million years, without much change in their shape or behaviors.
  5. As long as a space or an opening is not smaller than their heads, cats can squeeze through them, because their skeletal structure is narrow at the shoulders and the clavicle and shoulder blades (that give humans their wide shoulders) are very narrow and rotate easily. It is incorrect to say that cats do not have shoulder blades.
  6. A cat’s whiskers are essential equipment for analyzing their environment and can be moved in independent groups with the many tiny muscles that control them. They can detect the slightest air movements, which can help with hunting small prey. Blind cats hold them forward, using them much as a blind person uses a cane.
  7. Their ears also are controlled by many more muscles than humans have. Cats can move their ears over 180 degrees using the 30 or so muscles they have, compared to only 6 for humans.
  8. A cat’s jaws move only up and down; there is no sideways movement. This means they cannot grind their food. They can only chomp down on it. This means that so-called dental treats or chew toys are ineffective, therefore, they need to have their teeth cleaned fairly regularly.
  9. Allergies to cats involve a skin secretion called “sebum,” rather than hair, saliva, fur or dander, as many believe. Thus, a hairless cat is not really hypoallergenic, and those breeds require frequent bathing to control it. They also require more skin care for protection, since hairlessness is not natural.
  10. Cats have better hearing than dogs. Humans can hear up to 20 kilohertz, cats are at about 65 KHz, and dogs are somewhere in between, depending on breed and health.

Source by Dr. R.J. Peters