The Maremma: Alpine Sheep Herder

The Maremma Sheepdog is native to the Italian Alps. This is a breed that has an extraordinary capability of working in the higher altitudes. For many hundreds of years, the life of the sheep, the shepherds and the Maremma dog that guarded the flock was structured on the seasons. From June to October the flocks would be moved to the high country in the mountains of Abruzzi and from October to June they would go down to the plains and rolling pastures of Maremma. The job of the Maremma historically has been that of a livestock protector and herding dog, being of great value to the Italian peasants as they moved their flocks of mountain goats and sheep through the high alpine pastures, not only herding but also protecting the flock from predators. The Maremma has the capability of working independently as a flock protector and is noted for its high intelligence. A few of the dogs stayed behind as farm protectors and gradually the Maremma also became known as the large white dog who frequented the fine homes of Tuscany as a companion and watchdog.

The Maremma is a large white dog with profuse and abundant coat. One might confuse the dog with the Pyrenees or the Kuvasz, excerpt that the head of the Maremma is much larger in proportion to the body and in fact is very like that of the Polar bear, conical in shape and massive. In general, of the large white dogs that are the herding dogs of central Europe and the Alps, the Maremma is probably the breed that exhibits the most independent thinking and is one of the dogs considered to be a very protective dog, working in the dual role as flock guard and herder. The Maremma is a large breed, standing 24 inches at the withers, with a heavy coat that is all white with perhaps a shade of ivory or biscuit on the ears. The coat needs to be regularly groomed. The correct coat should be weather resistant, providing protection from the sun and the cold, this is a dog that should not be shaved.

The Maremma has always been around people, though its existence has been solitary it is a breed that will not do well without a human to protect or work alongside. This is a dog that strives to work for its master but also can be a difficult dog for simple obedience commands, since it is a “thinker” and will become bored with repetition. They are extremely loyal, considered to be a one person dog, devoted and protective yet proud and dignified. This is a dog that requires a knowledgeable owner, since it is not inclined to be subservient but is more likely to be somewhat stubborn and strong willed.

Source by Michael Russell

Do You Think I Should Get a Dog?

The short answer is, of course, yes! If you never had the fortune to grow up with dogs, or to know a friend who had a dog, you do not know the amazingly fun times you are missing! Depending on where you live and what kind of dog is right for you, you can take it swimming, hunting, walking around, on the bus, on a jog, or simply just to the dog park to meet other like-minded dog owners. While there are many considerations to go over as to whether a dog is right for you and your current situation (Do you have the space? Do you have the time?), dogs are scientifically proven to be good for the person who owns them and their family. So, if you have a house with a nice backyard and have a spare hour a day, get looking for a new sidekick! Following are some of the most impressive reasons that owning a dog isn’t just a costly endeavor.

One good thing about owning a dog is that they will help you live longer. That’s right! While pets provide their owners with the love and company they so desire, it is difficult to say exactly why people who own dogs live longer. There is evidence that dogs can help you reduce your blood pressure! This article probably does not have to tell you how fun it can be to play with your dog, cuddle with your dog, or just hang around and watch your dog experience new things. Well, owning a pet can lower your blood pressure as effectively as if you were to start eating a low-salt diet or restricting how much alcohol you drink. So get a dog, then grab a beer. This is why many hospitals and retirement community centers hire on a dog to come in and engage in “animal therapy” with the patients and residents: not only does it help old people by reducing their blood pressure and offering them a distraction from any worries or sad thoughts in their lives, but it also acts as a calming presence that eliminates loneliness. At this point in the article it is already clear that dogs are somewhat of a wonder cure for many of life’s ills!

Studies by the US Department of Health have come to the conclusion that pets helped victims of heart attacks-the study reads that 28% of heart patients who also had pets survived “serious heart attacks”, while only about 6% of people without pets made it through. If that’s not enough, you can also measure how much good it does you to own a dog by measuring your before-and-after waistline. A recent study has concluded that pet owners had 2% lower cholesterol than those without pets, and those pet owners’ chance of going through cardiac arrest was reduced by 4%.

Not only are dogs good for you, but they are good for your kids, too. You do not need to read studies to view the delight on children’s faces as they play with dogs. But, just in case that was not enough evidence for you, a few studies have been done to prove how good it is for kids to own pets. A certain study showed that children who were in the vicinity of a dog during their physical examinations had reduced blood pressure, less behavioral problems or distress, and lower heart rates than when a dog was nowhere to be found.

In conclusion, a dog is sometimes hard work. If you’ve never owned a pet before, you may have to become accustomed to picking up the feces of your companion at the most inopportune times. The dog, depending on what type it is, may be aggressive or too timid, very easy or very hard to train, and may either be too smart for its own good or not live up to your standards of intelligence. These are the facts. However, if you give them love, they will return it with all of their energy-it is what they were bred to do and why the humans have let them stick around for the past thousands of years.

Source by Ron Ayalon

The Significance of Computers in Our Lives

2010; mankind has come a long way since the first discovery of fire a few hundred thousand years ago. Fire used to be a necessity then, now the computer is a necessity for us as we use it in our daily lives.

One way computers help us is in our lives. We use the computer to communicate with people such as web conferencing with friends who are overseas, to look up on information about a particular topic, socialize on social networks such as Facebook or even to do something as simple as sending an email or digital cards to friends and loved ones.

The computer has also managed to change us from reading hard copies of books, magazines and newspapers, to reading online digital documents such as online newspaper articles and e-books.

In education, lecturers are now using PowerPoint to make their lecture slides which are used during their lectures and students are now able to download the lecture slides into their computers and store it as reading documents.

In the working place, paperwork is now slowly converting from manual printing and keeping documents to storing documents in the computer. The problem with paperwork is that it takes up a lot of space and an office has limited space. Moreover, going digital will help the environment as there will be less demand for paper which results in lesser trees being cut down to be made into paper.

However, there have been some issues raised about digital documents. A digital document can be created and edited by anyone, thus this leads to the owner verification problem. It is dangerous in the working environment, because anyone can edit a contract or agreement after it has been signed and used it against the other party. Another problem would be if one accidentally deletes the document, it will be hard to trace the perpetrator and also very hard to retrace the document.

Source by Dennis Moore Hopkins

Breeding Golden Retrievers Is Serious Business

It is extremely difficult to start breeding golden retrievers if you have never done it before. It is exceptionally complicated, and not easy at all. One must never try to breed, unless they have a real interest and a lot of knowledge in doing so. It is also not fair to the coming litter if they turn out to be something they are not supposed to be. You should never breed a few puppies to make a fast buck. Several problems arise if the breeding is not done properly, and there may be congenital defects in the puppies which have not been weeded out by you.

Good breeders always take meticulous pains to ensure that they don’t pass on bad genes to the offspring from its parents. Breeding golden retrievers is a serious affair, and sometimes you have to make a few very important choices, which can affect the life or death of one or more animals. Even that is an expensive issue, hence a lot of care goes into breeding golden retrievers of good pedigree. You must have time to bear the responsibility of the outcome of the breeding process.

As far as the dog is concerned, breeding may help fulfill the need of a female golden, though the dog has no way of knowing what it has been missing until having been bred. When a golden retriever is pregnant, one needs to be extra careful. If you have spayed your golden retriever, then she will not be able to breed at all. Quality breeders have a lot of different choices. After a lot of consideration, they will choose both the mother and father, based on their lineage, intelligence, breeding, temperament and age.

A good breeder will take into account history of health problems, so that they can be eliminated in the litter. They will also do a whole load of medical tests to find out what the female’s medical history is, and choose a male based on the results of the counterpart medical tests for males. Males with genetically passable diseases will normally automatically be rejected.

He will have to spend a lot of time in getting both the male and the female together. He may even have to help facilitate the union between both the animals, in case they are not mating as per schedule. This can often get tricky if both animals are not your own.

The workload will increase for the breeder if the mother of the litter proves to be unfit. If the mother is unable to feed the puppies, then the breeder has to step in and help. Let me caution you – this is a very difficult job. It will become the breeder’s job to feed the young and to keep them healthy. Besides this, breeders have to incur expenses in getting the mother ready for delivery, as well as taking care of the pups during the time they are with the breeder.

If you really want to get into breeding golden retrievers, study up on the topic – the Internet provides a lot of helpful advice. All the best!

Source by Peter Finch

Medications Known To Cause Sudden Onset Deafness In Dogs!

First and foremost, before your dog is treated for an inner ear infection, it is important to determine if it is a bacterial, yeast or fungal infection! Treating yeast and fungus infections with specific antibiotics is counter-productive. It could result in temporarily or even permanently damaging your dog’s hearing!

More often than not, this deafness involves older dogs… but that does not eliminate younger dogs or even puppies from this predicament.

To be spared this unexpected and unfortunate side effect of certain medications, you must learn if your dog is naturally losing their hearing due to age, breed pre-disposition, trauma, or if there is a specific medical problem.

Certain breeds and frequently dogs with white pigmentation are inherently pre-disposed to deafness. The two most common breeds with genetic hearing loss are Dalmatians and English Setters: Others include: Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Bulldog, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and English Cocker Spaniel.

Presbycusis, is age related hearing loss is common in older dogs. It cannot be prevented or reversed. The disease is progressive. In some cases it progresses faster than others, which may cause the owner to believe their dog’s hearing loss is sudden.

Normally, when a senior dog’s hearing slowly diminishes, they learn to compensate for the change, by sharpening other reflexes. Their hearing loss is not observed, until it becomes so obvious, since they can no longer “hide” the loss of that sense.

Hearing loss caused by medications, or ototoxicity, is a whole different predicament.

The cochlea’s nerves carry electro-chemical signals to your dog’s brain. Direct or indirect contact with the application of certain medications and chemicals destroy the cochlear hairs in the dog’s inner ear, thereby disconnecting the signals. The results can be temporary or even permanent hearing loss.

A group of drugs known as aminoglycoside antibiotics has been documented as one of the leading causes in sudden onset deafness in dogs. They should never be used unless your dog is in a life-threatening situation!

Another chemical that was commonly used in ear cleaning/wash solutions is chlorhexidine. This chemical is no longer available in ear wash solutions, because of the number of dogs that suffered temporary and permanent hearing loss!

It should be noted, there are lesser-known chemicals that are also identified to cause sudden onset hearing loss, so be careful… check the ingredients… research your dog’s medications ingredients, BEFORE you use it!

Mometamax, is a medication generally used for inner ear infections. It contains gentamycin, which is toxic! There is no question about it… it has been well documented. The frightening fact is, many veterinarians are not even aware of the medication’s toxicity.

Other medications to be aware of, in the aminoglycoside antibiotics group include: kanamycin, neomycin, and tobramycin.

Your dog’s reaction to these chemicals can be as soon as 10-15 minutes after application! Watch for loss of balance, difficulty standing, nausea, head-tilting and rapid eye movement. Other signs to be aware of: your dog does not respond to verbal commands, shakes their head, walks in circles, responds only when they see you or if you touch them, appears depressed and sleeps more than usual. Stop using the medication immediately! In several cases, not all, discontinuing the medication’s use will allow hearing to return in 2-6 weeks. In some cases, the loss is permanent.

Heads up! You should also be aware; another known side effect of this antibiotic group is canine renal failure!

Bottom line: Be informed… know the risks. Talk with your veterinarian about alternatives, before starting any regime using aminoglycoside antibiotics.

Source by Karen Soukiasian

State of the Media Industry – Publishing

In 2010, the media industry showed signs of adaption to the new business models and are finally realizing that strategic content online can increase overall sales, increase the market and decrease operating costs. Content is king and while digital content has a somewhat lower perceived value than traditional hard content, a move to make digital content more credible is in our midst.

In 2010, about half as many newspapers closed than in 2009. This may have been due, in large part, to the economy. We’re in an economic recovery and consumers are more willing to pay for content on their computer, iPhone and other digital devises. Media companies are also more likely to get advertising as more businesses and organizations are willing to spend a little on advertising.

A few years back, I remember thinking that the movie industry was going to prune up and die when everyone started getting flat screens. I thought – nobody is going to go to the movies anymore. But, the distribution models changed with the times and now people can stream the movies into their homes – advanced compression technologies allow consumers to view high def streaming movies online without the lag times and granular picture of when I was young.

The point is that times changes and, to be competitive, newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations need to grasp onto the new technologies and distribution options more and more. And, like, the longer you do it the right way, the more business you can get and the better your business will be.

Trending is moving more mobile. A few years ago, I remember watching a conference with Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, almost cringing when he discussed the possibility of mobile applications. “The screen is just so small,” he said, and my thought was right there with him. I never use my phone to surf the Web. It’s just too hard and who would ever do it. But, with problems come technology and Apple has since launched an amazing line of products that just takes everything to the next level.

In 2010, the magazine industry saw more new publications than closing ones. The television industry has adopted mobile alerts, Twitter for realtime communication with their audiences, cell phone apps and legions of followers on Facebook.

Online resource have helps the radio industry stream programming to listeners on request and has opened up the industry beyond channels, essentially giving anyone with a Pandora account the ability to be a radio station

Technology everyone. You have to learn to love it. Change. Grow. Adapt.

Source by Gary Pick

Cool Magazine Book Report Idea

This is a cool idea because you will be writing your book report as if you are interviewing the person or persons from the book. It may be easiest if you are doing a book report on a non fiction based book.

  1. Prepare about 10 questions that you will ask this person. Now you are not actually going to interview the person from the book but you are imagining you are doing this and are going to answer the questions from information in the book. Make sure your questions lead to a detailed answer which depicts information from your novel. If you imagine this person as a famous person think about the type of magazine that may have an interview for this person and act like you are a reporter for that magazine. Be creative in your questions. Here are some examples of types of people and the Magazine ideas they may be featured in for you to come up with an idea. You can even make up a name for your magazine. Like Sports and More or News Daily.


    Sports athlete – like Sports Illustrated

    If they are in government or politics – like Newsweek

    Movie star or musician – like Vogue or Rolling Stone

  2. Draw a cover for the magazine. You will want to make a picture of your person that you are interviewing because that is what the story is about. Please make it interesting by using lots of color and add backgrounds. For this cover you can use some shiny paper instead of regular copy paper to make it look shiny. Or a trick you can do is use crayon and then place an old piece of fabric on top and lightly iron with a very lightly warm iron to slightly melt the crayon giving it a shiny appearance.
  3. Finally make your opinion of the person and what you think about what they said in their answers which was from the book information. You are just basically giving your thoughts on the book and how you interpreted the information within it or in this case the answers to questions.

This may seem strange but it is just another way to be creative and prepare a book report. You are still documenting information about the book and showing the main points within it and and setting, timeline, and characters, however, to your teacher it will show thought and effort and may earn you a better grade.

Source by Lesa Bolt

Advantages Of Reading a Business Magazine

Like any other entrepreneur, you are also quite ambitious about your work and want to increase the turnover of your corporation. Therefore, you must be looking for the some important tips to improve the condition of your organization. To give a boost to your work and to make your flourish it, you will not only have to collect information about your own profession, but have to acquire information about the other businesses that are directly or indirectly related to your venture. You can check out the news to know the present condition of the enterprise sectors. However, for a detailed analysis, you should check out a renowned corporate magazine. There are several advantages of reading such magazines.

By reading a business magazine, you will be able to get a detailed analysis of trends and cycles various businesses follow. In such magazines, you can find experts’ opinions and tips regarding some intricate issues of a particular type of profession. As you will get the tips and suggestions on intricate issues related to the enterprise you are dealing in, it will be easier for you to improvise your works condition, which in turn will increase the profit level of your enterprise.

Expert consultation and advices are never available for free. You will have to pay a fee for each consultation and this might incur a huge cost at the end of the year. However, if you check the corporate magazines to get the advice of the experts, you will be able to get the advice of the experts without paying the fees. You just need to pay the price of these magazines. To reduce your expenses on the account of corporate magazines and to get the issue of your favourite magazine on time, you can opt for a subscription. Such publications offer different deals on the subscriptions of corporate magazines. Therefore, you will be able to get the best value of your money.

In the newspapers, you can find detailed report of the conditions of different sectors of the economy. But, all reports might not be related to your profession and you might not be able to get the best help from these reports. However, if you opt for corporate magazines, you can purchase the magazine that focus on the aspects of the work you do. By opting for such a magazine, it will be easier for you to get the advices that are related only to your field and thus you will be able to use the tips for the improvement of your business.

Such magazines are of great importance as they give a detailed report and analysis of the economic sector. Reading the corporate magazines regularly will help you understand the market condition and you will be able to conduct the business activities in a guarded manner. The economic recession has affected almost all the economic sectors of the world. Now, each and every corporate owner, whether small or large, is making his deals with carefully as they do not want to incur any loss. If you always want to make profits from your corporate, you can read the business magazines.

Source by Marth Fionna

Outdoor Cat Enclosures – Fun in a Safe Environment

By nature, cats love the outdoors even if most cat owners choose to let their pet stay indoors – mostly because of issues regarding their safety. If your house is near a busy street with neighbors that have big aggressive dogs, or wildlife like coyotes and raccoons that are eager to snack on your precious kitty, you may feel that there is no other alternative but to keep her locked in your home. Even though you build the highest wall or fence, your cat can climb so high that it is almost impossible to keep her inside.

With an outdoor cat enclosure, your pet can still enjoy the outdoors while staying away from harm. This is available at majority of pet stores and online specialty pet cage builders.

Cat Tents

Cat tents are available in a wide range of choices, depending on the size of your backyard and other needs that will let your feline friend be happy, yet safe. These types of tents are enclosures that are often used by several pet owners, since they are simple to use, portable and do not occupy much space. They are ideal for small spaces, such as apartments that do not have a large yard. Even if you do not have any yard, cat tents can be placed on a patio to let your kitty have some enjoyment outdoors.

Netted Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Another popular choice is a netted outdoor cat enclosure. Like tents, these enclosures are easy to set up, however, they are a permanent fixture. Since they are a bit larger than tents, they require a bigger place that has grass to secure the stakes at the base of the enclosure.

Wall-hugging enclosures and multi-level enclosures are the more expensive and complicated types. The multi-level enclosure is more creative between the two since it enables the cat to explore more. On the other hand, a wall hugging cage offers an easy way to the outdoors, and at the same time as it gives some kind of freedom by letting the cat come and go via a usual cat flap.

Wall-Hugging Cat Cages

If you are willing to let your kitty go outdoors as he/she pleases with or without your help and supervision, you may opt for an outdoor enclosure that hugs any of your back walls.

Such enclosures can be connected to a cat door so your pet can go in and out whenever it wants to, and since they are set up alongside a wall of your house, they do not require a lot of space.

Permanent, Freestanding, Built Cages

There are companies that can build special outdoor enclosures for cat lovers who are willing to splurge for their pets. Some look a lot like small gazebos, which have a human-sized door you can really pass through.

In case you settle on any of these, think about getting it designed in such a way that it complements your home’s overall architecture to prevent it from looking quite unusual in your backyard.

Source by Karina Popa

Two Words That Will Change Your Life – Taming Perfectionism With Art Therapy

Perfectionism, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable. I see this with individuals of all ages, from the child who has a melt down because their art project doesn’t look just right, to the teen who has an eating disorder because she feels in adequate, to the mom who feels like she has to stay on top of everything in the household or things will fall apart, to the professional who is driven to achieve success, yet never feels satisfied. I believe that the drive to be perfect is so ingrained in our culture from the media’s portrayal of perfect homes and bodies on TV and in magazines; to our homes, where parents struggle to work, pay the bills, keep a tidy house, take their children to endless activities and appointments, monitor homework, and make last minute baked goods for the fundraiser at school.

What are the implications of living a perfectionist life and what can you do about it?

People who feel the need to be perfect judge their value based upon what they have achieved. If they fail to meet their expectations on one aspect of a project they may consider the whole project a failure. These individual’s cultivate their self-worth based upon the outcomes and compare themselves against these standards (self-imposed, yet influenced by what others look like, have, or achieved).

We are all guilty of this to some extent, yet when this is the sole way we operate it becomes a concern, because whatever you do will never be good enough.You will either chase more and more things to make you feel happier, or you may just not try at all doing things that may potentially embarrass you or expose your inability.

As a parent you have a tremendous influence upon your child and if you seek perfectionism by trying to be, do, have it all, your child will do the same. If you convey to your child their self-worth is linked to what they do or how they act, you have modeled perfectionism. Rather that praising outcomes, like rewards for good grades, parents can emphasize qualities the child exhibited to achieve their goals, such as persistence and dedication. Life is a learning process, and by demanding or criticizing when things aren’t just right (for your standards) you diminish learning opportunities. So rather that stepping in to solve a problem for your child or rescue them from “doing it wrong”, give them an opportunity to try, offer support by asking them what they need from you. Yes, this may lead to a poor grade, a messy room, or a sibling conflict, but the rewards are so much bigger- developing problem solving skills, learning natural consequences, and the realization that what you do is different from who you are.

As an adult if you were raised with high expectations or critical parents who didn’t teach you to problem solve but told you what to do instead, you may be a perfectionist. Your need for order and control may prevent you from having meaningful vulnerable relationships because of your fears that your imperfections may be exposed. Many people who are perfectionists stay really busy to avoid some of the deep feelings they have. They may be fearful of being overwhelmed with emotions, and choose to shut down or shut off their feelings. What you need to know is that your desire for psychological safety keeps you from having wonderfully open relationships. It also keeps you chronically feeling bad, because you are never good enough. Here’s the secret, it’s truly about self-acceptance and self-love. When you are able to embrace all aspects of yourself, things you consider both good and bad, you open the door to living a more fulfilled and happier life- not only for you, but those around you too. So here are the two words that will change your life: good enough.

If you want to explore this deeper take out some basic art materials and a big piece of paper. Make a line down the middle of the paper. On the left side make a drawing or use collage images to create an image of your critical self (however that may look) and the right side make an image of your accepting self. See what the image and the process uncovers. Practice this week saying “good enough” when you are trying too hard to do things just right.

Source by Laura Dessauer